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Kayaking Deserted Bay - Tsunay

It is very well known to locals & archeologists alike, that the beach and the river-valleys to the East, are home to traditional Sechelt Nation territory. All current Sechelt blood lines begin and end here. Evidence of 1000's of yrs of habitation abounds. It is the most remote, pristine, convergence of wide-open valley bottoms around. Wildlife is everywhere.


Hotham Sound

Sechelt Rock Painting


We at Rising Sun Kayak Adventures Inc. have EXCLUSIVE use of this tradtional Sechelt land - location, including Elder interpretations & Guides, upon request.

This is what seasoned sea kayakers and local Aboriginals call 'thee primo inland kayaking' ,and, 'thee best spot for camping" - especially in hot summer months of July and August. On some days, the water can be glass calm through the whole day. On other days, the light wind and the tides can do the work of / for the paddler - the current will just ship you up Princess Royal Reach Reach to Tsonai, almost magically so.

You will receive quite the welcome as "we" land in Tsuany (aka "Deserted Bay").. There are waterfalls, stunning scenery, glacial fed rivers and the magestic viewscape of mountains panoramically cast across the skyline. It feels safe, as one often gets the impression that they are some place very calming and very hospitable; if not completely sacred.


















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