Multi-Day Kayaking Rentals From Egmont

Egmont is the Coast's 'kayakers meca'

Three seasons of the year, Egmont, from the Backeddy Marina Resort, is where you will find groups of kayakers setting out on their various trips. For some, it is a sheltered paddle down the Agamemnon Channel, for others it is beginning a 3 to 7 day expedition up to Princess Louisa Inlet. For others it is the adreniline rush of white-water kayak thru the Skookumchuk rapids. For all, we are here to help.

Egmont Backeddy
Multi-Day Kayak Rentals From EGMONT  (@ the Backeddy Marina)
Nimbus Telkwa Fibreglass SINGLES
$ 250 $ 475 $ 750
Nimbus Skana Kevlar DOUBLES
$ 300 $ 525 $ 750
Nimbus Hyak Kevlar DOUBLES
$ 300 $ 525 $ 750

Lets Get Pacific!

It is so hard to explain Egmont to someone who has never been here. It is an anomaly of places; but one thing is for certain: It is the intersection of 5 inlets and waterways. There is the Sechelt Inlet, the Agamemnon Channel, Jervis Inlet, Hotham Sound / St Vincent Bay, and Prince of Wales Reach, heading up the fjord to the NW. Everyone from yatchers, fisherman, watertaxi passengers, sight-seeing tourists, sojourners and especially "us" kayakers come and go from Egmont.

Indeed the heterogenious elements of all kinds of travellers and paddlers that journey here are truly at an intersection.

This 'intersection' is the launching point ! Consult with us - and choose your own paddle adventure. Groups of paddlers, family / ies, kinships begin their journey with deluxe kayaks from Rising Sun @ Backeddy.

As seasoned locals often say, that 'other breed of kayakers' - "them whitewater fanatics", that choose to brave the skookumchuck rapids at tide change, start from the Backeddy. There is plenty of secure parking, a pub, marina, store, and accommodations. This is what also makes it a great place to return to for that first hot meal after getting off the water. To some, seeing Egmont is a throwback - right to the days of the beachcombers from Gibsons.


These are the Egmont Multi-Day Kayak trips
Princess Louisa Deserted-Bay Tzoonie-Narrows Vancouver-Bay Hotham Sound Kunechin Point


Egmont Kayak Rentals

We get calls from experienced kayakers from all over the world ! Most commonly, a well seasoned group of paddlers are enquiring about renting a number of sea kayaks for a long trip. Questions about local geography and good destinations often arise. Princess Louisa Inlet and Sechelt Inlets are frequently the subject of such enquiries. Let us help you plan your trip.

Alternatively, book yourself and your group on one of our custom trips - and lets us be your hosts.

Kayak rentals Egmont

It is an overlooked option, but nonetheless commonly booked - the One Way Kayak Trip. Our beach jockeys will assist with packing, planning, laughing or lifting!

Please talk to Kit about any combos of the above, please do note that Group rental rates apply.


Get a custom water taxi drop off up or down Princess Louisa anywhere in Hotham Sound.
• Call Bryce. 1-800-870-9055 at Sunshine Coast tours

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