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Kayak Narrows Inlet & Tzoonie Narrows

Paddle here from Egmont is approx. 4 hours. It can be very calm as these are protected inland waters, that are usually calm. It is easily accessible wilderness environment - often completely the preserve of the lone sojourners. It is quite roomy and very quiet. Camping in this area is abundant.

Hotham Sound


If there was a simple way to sum up this spot, to best describe this treasure, it would be "a pocket of paradise".

This is brilliant inland 'fjord kayaking' all seasons long. To some it seems like a Norwegian fjord - and to others is seems like a snapshot from the Brazlilian rainforest. The water can be glass calm throughout the whole day. There is rarely any wind through this inlet - and so it can be very hot and still throughout the summer days. And to boot, there not cold water to jump into - the ocean is like a warm pool.

Located between the narrows themselves and Tzoonie Point, this is truly a kayakers paradise.

There are grassy, low-laying flats with 'luxury' camping up and down the south side of the inlet. Moreover, the adjacent Tzoonie Narrows Marine Park is the most quaint spot with and within the whole of the Sechelt Inlets. You will see that much of this parkland snakes along both sides of Tzoonie Narrows.

The primo campsites are located West of the orchard with flat areas for tents and handy fire pits.

In the summer seasons the water is so warm - it defies belief. There is so much to see with a snorkel and mask, and the ocean seems like a tropical abyss.

For those who want more: take a few hours and make a journey to the head of the inlet. The scenery that awaits kayakers is quite stunning, with the majestic Mount Drew and the glacier-capped Earl Range to the West. Snow-covered peaks and cascaading waterfall from a magnificent backdrop at the Inlet's head.

It is fun to explore the Tzoonie estuary delta and river with a paddler's Nimbus Telkwa. We will make sure to mark your map so you won't forget, but keep this point in mind: the grassy spot on the western shore is a perfect picnic and swimming spot.

As of 2003, the logging camp on the other shore was abandoned and the booming area was cleared to make for a beach with dozen piles. It makes for hard-to-explain paddling and even more enchanting that words can say, it makes for "photos you can never truly explain to someone who just wasn't there" ?!

It is a fantastic weekend escape from Egmont where it is easy to relax and make base camp for the weekend, at Tzoonie Narrows.

Use the trip to the head of this fjord as a day-trip adventure. For most of the day, the water is so calm and warm, it is a perfect destination for a young family or for novice kayakers.

This trip makes a quick yet distant Sunshine Coast escape from Vancouver's urban atmosphere.

NOTE: Tzoonie Narrows is a tidal rapid that can run up to 3 or 4 knots; refer to secondary current station, Tzoonie Narrows, in CANADIAN TIDE & CURRENT TABLES, Volume 5.



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