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Paddle the tranquil waters of the Sunshine Coast in a weekend getaway to Hotham Sound. Hotham Sound is home to one of Canada's tallest waterfalls, Friel Falls, at 1,400 ft. and it is also home to the magnificent Harmony Islands.

Hotham Sound

This is primo inland kayaking in hot summer months of July and August. The water can be glass calm through the whole day. Also, at low tides there are some oyster filled beaches.

You will receive quite the welcome as you paddle into Hotham Sound. Paddling in, the 1,400 ft. Freil Falls, a tiered waterfall, will let you know you've arrived. Its water cascading from a mountain lake, this is among Canada's tallest waterfalls. Paddling in your kayak underneath you will feel its spray and have a playful introduction to Hotham Sound, one of our favorite weekend trips.

Some of the deepest water on Canada’s coast is right here at the entrance to Hotham Sound. Depths just outside the sound reach down to 2,400-feet which make this an ideal location for the American and Canadian Navy to use for submarine and sonar testing, and they do. This depth also means that as you view Freil Falls, it is likely that you are sandwiched between almost 4,000 feet of water. (2,400 ft. into the deep below and 1,400 ft. cascading from above.) Once you have taken in Harmony Falls, paddle a short distance onward, keeping parallel with the shoreline; you will reach a fantastic paddling playground called the Harmony Islands.

There is plenty beyond this waterfall to explore and we spend our weekend on the water doing just that. The Harmony Islands are undoubtedly our favorite place to camp in Jervis Inlet. The water surrounding them is exceptionally warm so pack your swimsuit for the trip and if you're curious about some of the Sound's sea creatures, pack a snorkel too! You are bound to observe extensive reef culture through your mask, from colorful plants to crabs, fish and other marine creatures.

For those who prefer to stay above the water, the Harmony Islands and the surrounding Hotham Sound are a fantastic weekend escape where it is easy to relax on one of the secluded beaches or spend an afternoon fishing. Mountains surround on all sides and the waters here are often eerily still. This trip makes a quick yet distant Sunshine Coast escape from Vancouver's urban atmosphere.

Hotham Sound is the ancient home of the Sechelt First Nations people and members of the Sechelt Indian Band continue to live throughout the Sunshine Coast today. In Sechelt, which is on the way to the Hotham Sound trip's Egmont launch site, is a museum called the Tems Swiya Museum which provides a retrospective observation of the Sechelt Band's history, territory and traditions. We highly recommend taking the time to learn more about the Sechelt First Nation before your trip as knowing the history of Hotham Sound will in turn enhance your kayak experience.

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