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Kayak to Brooks Peninsula

Brooks Peninsula is among the destinations on our multi-day Kyuquot Sound kayaking trip. Brooks Peninsula is a British Columbia Provincial Park with dense old-growth forest and miles of coastal shoreline. Brooks Peninsula holds beauty that is representative of what Vancouver Island was before it became developed.

Kayak to the Brooks Peninsula

Kayaking to the Brooks Peninsula


On our way to the Brooks Peninsula

Brooks Peninsula sunset

Camping on the Brooks Peninsula


The Brooks Peninsula is one of British Columbia's Provincial Parks that is made up of more than 50,000 hectares of old-growth temperate rain forest surrounded of three sides by Pacific coastal shoreline. This isolated Peninsula near the northwest tip of Vancouver Island is a kayaking destination ideal for those wanting to 'escape.'

The Brooks Peninsula is a popular stop on our Kyuquot Sound kayaking trips. Paddlers love to explore the expansive sandy beaches, sheltered inlets and cliffs that line the Peninsula's coast. Those who enjoy hiking will find ancient fir, spruce, hemlock and cedars in the Brooks Peninsula's old-growth forests. In these forests, wildlife flourishes and those who travel here are likely to see any number of black bears, wolves deer or bald eagles.

In the water, kayakers are likely to encounter the healthy marine population. During our past paddles in the Checleseht Bay, directly south of the Peninsula, we have encountered sea otters, seals, sea lions and even migratory humpback whales.

While the Brooks Peninsula is a good distance from our Fair Harbour launch site, the highly efficient Kyuquot Water Taxi Service, Voyager Water Taxi, enables us to hitch a ride from the Peninsula if we run short on trip time.

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