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Kayaking from Campbell River

Rising Sun's Vancouver Island multi-day kayaking tours are perfect for those with their home or vacation base in Campbell River. The town is also a great oasis for those traveling to and from their Vancouver Island kayak destinations.


Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada



About Campbell River

On a Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island kayaking trip






Campbell River, British Columbia is located on the eastern, Strait of Georgia coast of Vancouver Island. Campbell River, oft referred to as the 'Salmon Capital of the World,' is one of Vancouver Island's bigger cities. (A nickname more than one Vancouver Island fishing town has claimed.) Whether Campbell River is indeed the Salmon Capital or not, it is certainly internationally known for its fresh and saltwater fishing. Aside from being a fishing industry hub, Campbell River is also known for its logging and mining industries. As one of Vancouver Island's bigger towns, Campbell River offers a wide range of accomodation and dining selections.

Multi-Day Kayak Trips on Vancouver

While Campbell River is bit of a metropolis, in comparison to most Vancouver Island towns, it is surround by the best nature has to offer. Outside of Campbell River on Vancouver Island are some of the world's most beautiful waterways, all of which are surrounded by one of the world's most intriguing eco-systems; the temperate rainforest. Rising Sun offers multi-day kayak trips in five different Vancouver Island locations. These trips are an ideal method for exploring the B.C. wilderness which is world-renowned for its unique and awesome beauty.

Rising Sun's Vancouver Island Kayak Trips

The Johnstone Strait

The Broken Islands

The Clayoquot Sound

The Nootka Sound

The Kyuquot Sound


Traveling to Campbell River

When traveling from Victoria or Vancouver, Campbell River is often a stop during Rising Sun's journey's to and from their Vancouver Island kayak sites. It is an oasis convenient to use as a rest stop or place to stock up on supplies. About 3.5 hours from Victoria and two hours north of Nanaimo, Campbell River is on the way to our Johnstone Strait, Nootka and Kyuquot Sound launch sites.