Our Guides Have Over 100 Years Of Combined Experience Of Kayaking The Sunshine Coast And Vancouver Island B.C.

Our Guides, Cooks, & Crew

When it comes to operating a large kayak company in British Columbia you need a crew that is very diverse in all areas of which we travel. The guides we have are both full time as well as seasonal and some actually live in the areas of which we paddle through. We also have a staff that includes administration, kayak maintenance and transportation and cooks.

Rising Sun Kayak Crew


Guides work to unload boats from a trailer
Darrin and Kit, unloading boats in Kyuquot

Rising Sun’s kayaking guides have paddled thousands of combined miles in B.C. waters are beyond!  We are certified, insightful, funny and committed to your safety and enjoyment. 

Most of our guides are multi-lingual and together we speak aboriginal Canadian languages, French, Spanish, Italian, German and even English!   Our crew is skilled in the operation of safety equipment and VHF marine radios.  Aside from our emphasis of safety, our guides also specialize in entertainment and education.  We will play our guitars for you and try to teach you about the creatures, land and waterways that we explore.  We are well acquainted with the native culture, history and ecology, so don’t think you won’t learn a thing or two on your trip! 

On each trip, you will be accompanied by at least two guides, one professional photographer and upon request, a professional chef specializing in outdoor cuisine.




DAVE "ROY" MARCHAND - part Owner, Founder, Professional Guide and Blues Musician

Dave's Photo


In 1990, Dave moved to the Sunshine Coast from Calgary. Upon arrival he decided that Egmont was the BEST PLACE to start his paddling company. For that reason he established the Rising Sun Kayak Adventure Inc. shop in Egmont, at the Backeddy Resort & Marina. He has been teaching kayak and canoe classes ever since. As co-founder of our company it is him who will likely be rhe leader on your Sunshine Coast trip(s). For those of you who have been on one of our trips from here before, remember the 'old A-Frame' shop?

Before his life as a professional kayak guide, Dave worked as a mountaineering guide on Rocky Mountain expeditions. He has a degree in archeology and is a seasoned outdoorsman.

Dave’s extensive guiding experience makes him a veteran at campfire fun and story telling.  Strapped to the top of his kayak, rain or shine, he is always a guitar or mandolin master. He constantly entertains with blues tunes and old sing-along favorites. 

With nearly three decades of experience, Dave is the foundation of our company's operations on the Sunshine Coast; he is an extremely well-rounded wilderness professional that is eager to share what he is learned after years of camping in the backcountry.  He eagerly shares his knowledge of Native culture and history to those interested in learning B.C.’s ancient past.




CLEMENTINE FONTAINE - part Owner and Administrator

Clementine out for a winter paddle


Clementine is the backbone of our operation at Rising Sun Kayak Adventures Inc. in North Vancouver. Her adminstrative skills and Aboriginal roots allow for a business that runs smoothly and privies us to rarely visited, culturally guarded areas that otherwise remain a complete secret to the outside world.

Clementine's first fell in love with the water as a youngchild, growing up on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, in Manitoba.







KIT S. PERRICK - part Owner & Lead Guide

Kit's photo
Kit - "Citizen of the Pacific"

He is a fourth generation Sunshine Coast and North Shore resident that is proud to call the waters he paddles "home". His Bachelors degrees are in B.C. and Canadian history and in Education meaning, he is ready to teach those interested in learning about our fantastic province and its environment. Formerly, he was a high school teacher for the North Vancouver School District # 44.

Nowadays, when he is not on the water, he is practicing law across western Canada due in part to his specialties in personal injury and Aboriginal law. His extensive guide qualifications and certifications include his WCB Level III - Industrial First Aid + CPR and Wilderness First Aid, which he has maintained since 1991.

Kit has guided kayaking expeditions across the world and is proud of his experiences paddling the waters of places like Washington State, the Baja, Mexico, Molokai, and Maui in Hawaii and in a few well-known Norwegian fjords. Most recently he did a multi-day trip in the Gorges du Tarn in France and what an adventure that was!

Kit's kayaks have taken him thousands of miles in his 20 years as a professional guide. He is a confident, easy-going leader who brings infectious enthusiasm to all of our trips.


LAURALEIGH A. R. PAUL - - yuxwelupun 'aat - Lead Guide & Cultural Interpretor


Maya photo

Lovely Laureleigh

Laureleigh hails from 3 'Territories': Coast Salish, Okanagan & Carrier First Nations. Accordingly, her first hand knowledge of the Aboriginal histories & the environment: namely, our, terrestrial-marine interface ecosystems here in British Columbia.

She has been guiding day and multi-day sea kayak trips for the past 12 years. Not only that but she is an incredible 'camp chef'. If we are lucky, she sings and drums in full observance of her traditional background and ancient Salish culture.

It is noteworthy that she has her Aboriginal Sea Kayak Guide Alliance Level III; and her FIrst Aids, including commuity care and infant First Aid certificates. Given that she has her Class '4' BC Drivers Licence, you may just find her chauffering you to waterside in the company van.

Never lame, and always lovely, she has been with Rising Sun Kayaks seasonally since 2003, and is an unbelievable asset to each trip.


MAYA WINGATE - Administrator and Seasonal Guide

Maya photo


Maya is proud of her roots... born and bred on the Lower Mainland's North Shore. The daughter of a teacher, Maya has dedicated her life to doing the same. She presently serves as a French emersion teacher at Ecole de Pauline Johnson, in the West Vancouver School District ( # 43).

Bring the kids ! Her childcare abilities & kind persuasions are vigilant and reassuring - as most parent-child particpant combo's have keep telling us.

She has been with Rising Sun Kayaks seasonally since 1999 and is a great addition to every trip!




Andy Johnson - Seniorl Guide

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

In his other life, Andy is both a teacher of Seh shashishalem language and culture and Coast Salish art. But, in his summer seasons, you will find him guiding his traditional waters of the deep reaches of the Sechelt Inlets.









The Late TERRY TOBIN - Lead Guide, Teacher and Outdoor Enthusiast

Terry Tobin


Terry died suddenly, on March 24th 2008. He left us far too early. Terry was a true "Deep Cove-r" - having been raised in the Deep Cove - Dollarton area since the 1940's, Terry could tell stories about the days there was horses and stables in Deep Cove. He was truly a local boy and took great pride in sharing and showing it.

These were his humble 'outdoorsman' roots. Through his story-telling people realized how much Terry loved the land and the forests -the environment. No doubt, that explains why he taught High School Sciences for over 30 years with such zest and creativity.

Doing what he does best, Terry could literally captivate campfire audiences with animated stories about the wilderness, geology and / or the oceans. He was fond of telling stories about his younger working days in BC's remote forestry camps. Yes, he was a logger for a time in his 20's. Most days, in his 60's, he still dressed like he worked in the the bush. Nothing fancy or new, just blue workan shirts and his big glasses.

Thanks Terry for all that you taught us.

Terry has passed the torch. You have set the bar. We will carry forward your enthusiasm and knowledge. Link for more photos of Terry.








Bivi's picture


"Bivi"- a true Canadian wilderness lover who is based in Tofino - is entering his second year guiding at Rising Sun Kayak Adventures. Prior to joining our crew, he had lead trips for various other kayaking outfits, moonlighting as a surf instructor in the summer and a snowboard instructor in the winters.

Bivi's experience includes 3 years working with Gulf Islands Search and Rescue where he received his life saving award. He is also recognized by the B.C. Sea Kayak Guides Alliance and the Ocean Guides Association as a Level II Guide. Before his time as an ocean guide, he spent many summers working as a mountaineering guide. His backcountry skills and ocean knowledge are impressive and stem from his deep-rooted love of the outdoors.

Bivi has his Wilderness First Aid and his WCB Occupational - Industrial First Aid Level III and CPR and is a certified Surf Instructor. His long list of credentials make him a confident and easy-going guide while his youth and enthusiasm are an added bonus he packs on every trip.





CODY PARKER - Lead Guide and Outback Chef

Cody's picture


An excellent chef and skilled fisherman, Cody is someone your tastebuds are going to want along on the trip. Aside from being a master of outdoor cuisine, Cody is also a skilled and experienced guide. His family roots go back to the 1920's on Sakinaw Lake, in Pender Harbour. He has level III CPR and First Aid certifications and is excellent at reading tides and other essential guiding skills.

In the off season, Cody works for the Canadian Coast Guard. His experience and professionalism on the water brings comfort to our clients. He is truly a gifted guide. With his cooking expertise and talents, having cooked in 5 star restaurants, we usually feast on Cody's fresh catch of the day every night; feasting on wild salmon and halibut prepared in the same way he would for his restaurant guests.










Christian joins us from La Paz, Mexico where he has been leading kayaking trips off the Baja Peninsula for years. He affectionately calls the island of Espiritu Santo, in the Sea of Cortez, his "office." Christian joined us in the summer of 2008 after completing extensive training through the National Outdoor Leadership School, most commonly known as NOLS.

Christian became a Lead Guide for Rising Sun Kayak Adventures on our trips to Princess Louisa Inlet and Kyuquot Sound in the summer of 2008. Christian has a passion for kayaking and is an enthusiastic leader who is always willing to teach and get wet.






JOYA PERRICK - Assistant Guide and Water Safety Expert



Native to the Sunshine Coast, B.C.'s water flows through Joya's veins. She is a certified lifeguard and assistant guide on several of our summer trips. Her addition to our crew enables people of all ages and abilities to feel safe on our trips. Her years of lifeguarding experience especially comfort those with children.

Through the winters, Joya works at a community center in North Vancouver. Our clients constantly make comments about her hospitality skills, sense of humor, patience and knowledge of the water.







RYAN ANDERSON - Seasonal Guide

Ryan's photo


Ryan is born and raised in Deep Cove. He is proud of this and takes great pride in letting people know it. He also shows it by undertaking brave and often extreme winter kayak trips as a personal hobby. It is quite funny to see this 'polar bear' jump for short ice swims on these winter crusades. He says Deep Cove made him this way!? On the warmer side of things, he just spent this past August, September and October guiding school groups on multi-day expeditions in Australia.

In his other life, he studies Commerce at the University of British Columbia. When his studies subside evey April, Ryan is who you'll find leading most of our day trips up Indian Arm, or, out into Howe Sound or English Bay, from Jericho or Kit's Beach. He is also a certified Ocean Sea Kayak Guide as recognized by the Assoc. of Canadian Sea Kayak Guides. We also have to live with Ryan's shared loyalty to and employment with some other local sea kayak outfits here in North Vancouver and Deep Cove who sub-contract his services as a guide & instructor.

All in all, Ryan is a super laid back, 'west coast dude' with a few years guiding experience. We keep hearing that he makes first timers feel quite at ease.





DAN HORSAK - Seasonal Guide

Dan's photo


Dan was raised in North Van as a gold old North Shore hockey jock. He takes great pride in being a local boy. Although he is not so local anymore: as he lives in Tofino where he mans our local operations there.

He is the sterotypical, yet very humble, full year round, hard-core surfer. He may work full time as a building contractor in Tofino, but he can nearly always be caught on his lunch breaks at Chesterman's Beach dawning his surf board. Yes folks, this dude surfs all winter long. What is more, he can often be heard happily declaring the coming of a winter rain storm -- which to him is a great forecast for some big NW'erly swells.

Formerly Dan worked for the Lions Bay Fire Dept. Thus his First Aid qualifications need not precise mention herein. He has been co-guiding our Clayoquot Sound trips since 1998.





QUINN GAUGE - Seasonal Guide

Quinn photo


We are always thankful for Quinn's youth, strength and more than anything, his ability to find the whales! Quinn is a hard-worker, staying up after everyone to make sure leftover food and trash has been appropriately packed for the night. He usually brings up the rear on our trips, paddling slow gives him the time he needs to spot wildlife and that he does!

We call his role at the back of the pack as "the Sweep." If one wishes a little extra motivation and zest in their paddle strokes, they can hang at the back of the pack with Quinn - and catch some low-sounding, catchy tunes.












Christoph was born and raised on the North Shore. In the off season, he works at Cypress Mountain on the Ski Patrol and for BC Parks trail maintenance. He maintains his OFA Level III First Aid ticket + CPR from WCB. He says, by far, his favourite trip is the Kyuquot Sound, particularly lounging on "Island 195", of the Bunsbys.

Through his kayaking experiences he has gained a passion for foraging wild edibles, including the so-called "highly nutritious giant kelp and nori sea weed". As crazy as this sounds, he asserts that it is good for you and adds flare to soups.

Toph finds nothing more enchanting than the sound of the West Coast rain percolating through an old growth rain forest.






APRIL REED - Seasonal Guide (and Trip Musician)



April is a rare breed being part American and part Canadian. Originally from California, April was raised on the water in Port Moody, British Columbia. She usually keeps a few of our kayaks on hand at her dock for whenever she feels like paddling out.

April is a passionate lover of the outdoors and just completed her program at BCIT in Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Management. She is a wildlife technician and naturalist. April spends much of her summers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. This past summer she embarked on a canoe journey around the British Isles. April's knowledge of the outdoors is always appreciated but the thing we love the most about her is she is a fantastic entertainer.On certain trips, it brings some comfort to a few to know that she has her Firearms Certificate.

A truly gifted musician, her original songs, guitar skills and beautiful voice provide durations of campfire entertainment. You can check out more about her musical undertakings here.




ANTONIETTE YAP - Season Part time Guide - aka "Toni"



Antoniette(a.k.a. Toni) hails from Burnaby, BC, where she was born and raised. In the off-season, Toni is a full time Mont Royal College student, in Calgary, Alberta, where she presently studies in eco-tourism and outdoor leadership (ETOL Program).

She has many water certifications, including but not limitted to, flat-water kayaking and canoeing certificates from Paddle Canada; Advanced Wilderness First Aid; Can-bike I, Casi I, and more.

Needless to say, this woman has the confidence of a veteran paddler and will instill heaps of confidence in any junior and /or amateur paddler(s).







STEVE MARCHAND - "fibreglass artist" - shop mechanic


Steve Marchand

Steven Marchand is a ex-US army veteran recently returned from Iraq. He rarely joins us on trips but is our "kayak mechanic" - constantly re-surfacing, gelcoating, and poxy'ing our large fleet of single and double fibreglass kayaks. (when he does, keep it in formation!). His miltary background translates into one damn meticulous dude!

This guy is a Sechelt Native who knows the Sunshine Coast and remote corners of the the Sechelt Inlet, especially around Egmont, like an old-timer.