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Kayak the Sunshine Coast

Egmont is an ideal launchsite for much of the best kayaking on the Sunshine Coast. Egmont marina provides access to Jervis Inlet which leads to Hotham Sound and the dream-like Princess Louisa Inlet. Egmont is also ideal for those wishing to paddle to Nelson Island, Texada and/or Jedediah Islands.

Paddling out of Egmont


Heading out of Egmont
photo by Vene Parnell

Kayak the Sunshine Coast from Egmont:

Egmont is, without a doubt, our favorite launch site on the Sunshine Coast. From this small town, nestled at the northern tip of the Sunshine Coast's southern peninsula, we are able to access Jervis, Princess Louisa and Sechelt Inlets, Hotham Sound, and Nelson, Hardy, Texada and Jedidiah Islands. Egmont is an ideal for kayakers looking for a multi-day Sunshine Coast getaway or just an afternoon on the water.

Egmont was the original home to Rising Sun Kayak Adventures and we still offer day and multi-day custom trips launching from Egmont year round.

About the village of Egmont:

Egmont is a small and charming waterfront community located on Secret Bay within Sechelt Inlet. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks that rise over 2,000 meters, Egmont is truly a picturesque community. It has a marina, accommodations and a restaurant and pub. While Egmont is known mainly as an ideal launchsite to Sunshine Coast 'gems' such as Chatterbox Falls in Princess Louisa Inlet, there is also a great hike here for land lovers. From the town you can hike to the Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park where you can witness these narrow rapids that race at up to 30 km/h. Several experienced kayakers go for these rapids in their boats but for those who just want to take a peak, the hike is ideal.

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Scheduled 2011 Kayak Trips Departing Egmont:

Princess Louisa Inlet - August 4 - 10, 2015

Hotham Sound - 3 Day Trip Departing Every Weekend

Nelson Island - Custom Trips Available all year

Texada/Jedediah Islands - Custom Trips Available all year


Custom Kayaking Trips from Egmont Available All Year!