With every sport there are certain accessories that make the experience safe and memorable...here are a few

About Kayaking Accessories & Equipment

Every person who kayaks has certain items that they feel are part of their kayak gear and they would not want to be out on the water without this gear, however if a person is new at kayaking they may not realize what gear might be needed in order to be safe and comfortable on the water.

Kayaking Accessories & Equipment


All sports have some type of gear that is necessary and this activity is no different, to be safe while kayaking a helmet and a personal floatation device are required to be safe in the event there is a problem while on the water. A well fitting helmet can save a kayaker in the event they tip, a head injury can easily happen without the protection of a helmet.

A first aid kit should also be a part of the kayaking accessories that is carried on every trip, along with emergency supplies. These emergency supplies can include water, a weather radio, flares and more than one way to start a fire, this is important for warmth and also to alert rescuers. The reason for more than one type of way to start a fire of course if one does not work then the others might and fire is important.

Other supplies that can be carried is an emergency blanket; these are lightweight and often found in the auto department and also having an emergency supply of food such as what backpackers use is a wise idea.

While no one can be fully prepared for every event kayak gear can include items that can help in all situations.

Other kayak gear can include full body dry suits as well as wet suits, boots that are made especially for kayaking, there are bulge pumps that some kayakers find a necessity for the type of kayaking they do and others that feel part of their kayak accessories includes a spray skirt.

For this sport it does not matter if it is an afternoon on the water or a week on the water there are some pieces of kayak accessories that must be used and others that are a wise idea to take along.