You Never Stop Learning How To Kayak Even When You Are Advanced And Have Years Of Experience On Open Water

What Is Considered Advanced Kayaking?

There should never be anyone who is too smart for this sport as a wise man or woman is often humbled by mother nature when least expecting it. Always have an open mind and have a willingness to learn about new techniques and the conditions that can change suddenly when out on the ocean, lake or river whitewater.

Advanced Kayaking & Paddling


When a person is skilled enough that they move into the advanced category this means they are ready to attempt waters that unless at this level a person will not be prepared with the skills needed to be safe in this water.

There are paddling maneuvers that are taught for this skill level in classes or lessons and need to be taken advantage of in order to be prepared with the right strokes for certain situations. Some of the maneuvers that are taught in classes and lessons are to enter and exit the craft in this water when wet and also techniques to turn the kayak, which is an important stroke to know in this water.

The waters of person with advanced skills is known to have faster currants, rougher rapids and more obstacles that will need to be avoided and for each of these the right maneuvers need to be known well and used to keep from tipping or capsizing.

Waters that the advanced person can be found in are rated as class III, IV and V and rarely in class VI for the most advanced and adventurous person. No matter which class of water once a person moves up to these higher classes the skill they have will need to be used each time they put their kayak in the water. Each of these paddling strokes need to be learned properly and will be used often including ones that are taught to move next to other crafts while in the water, this can help to rescue a craft in trouble.

This is an exciting level to be it can take a person to waters where they will see parts of nature that have stayed untouched and will remain that way due to their remote location and the excitement of knowing that paddling through this water is something that has been accomplished while others may never hold the skill to move in this rating of water.