Even If You Are A Beginner It Is Not Hard To Learn How to Kayak.     With A Good Instructor Or School It Is Easy To Learn

What Is The Best Way For A Beginner?

When you decide to take the leap and learn kayaking for the first time it is important that you have the right tools and teacher for the job. This is an easy sport but should be taken carefully because safety is very important. It will only take a few hours to get the hang of it and then you will be able to paddle through still water without tipping.

Beginner Kayaking & Paddling


When a person decides to begin this sport they should learn to do so properly as bad habits are very hard to break and part of this is learning to paddle correctly.

On of the first things that an beginner will learn when they take a class or lesson in kayaking at a place such as Rising Sun Kayaks is that there is a correct way to hold the paddle, how to measure the paddle to make certain that it fits the size of the person who will be doing the paddling.

Some of the beginning paddling strokes that will be learned when taking classes or lessons will be the forward stroke, this is done be holding the paddle with the hands at on the paddle with the proper holding stance and about shoulder length apart with the paddle grab the water the blade used to pull the kayak moving it through the water.

Another kayak paddle stroke is a sweep stroke, this is a maneuver to turn the craft to the right or to the left, and in order to turn the model the paddle blade when in the water is used to pull back this will result in moving right or left.

There is also a reverse sweep, this is used when a fast turn is needed when in the water and is done with the same idea in mind as the sweep. However, instead of pulling the water with the paddle blade the water is pushed toward the front of the craft.

The way the basic paddle stroke is done to keep the model moving smoothly through the water and in a straight pattern rather than the zigzag motion of an incorrectly paddled kayak. One hand is held on the knob at the top of the paddle, the other midway down and using the upper body rather than the arms in what is called a torso twist the paddles is pushed through the water in a sweeping motion.

These are just a few of the many paddling strokes that can be learned and are some of the most basic to move straight through the water, to turn left or right and to make fast and unexpected turns.