Sometimes Belonging To A Group Can Allow You More Opportunities To Explore New Areas And Share Group Equipment

Should You Join A Private Group?

There are some benefits to belonging or forming a group. It can allow you to meet other people in your area who share the same interest as well as some groups have contacts in others areas that allow sharing of equipment so the you don't have to bring your own equipment if you are going on a long distance trip and can't pack your kayak. Many of these groups are free and you can usually find them online.

Clubs & Groups


Today there are many paddling clubs to join as the amount of people who enjoys the sport of kayaking and the water raises so to the amount of clubs that are formed.

One of the fist clubs was founded by John MacGregor who first built the Rob Roy his model of kayak in the year 1858, this attracted much attention and by approximately the year 1866 a club was formed by these men of a new sport.

Since this first club that formed there have been many clubs and these attract enthusiasts of this hobby who all share the same excitement and vigor of wanting to share information on places to go, their tips and just the meeting of people who share the same hobby. They have since the beginning has been filled with members who find the excitement of the water a place where they would like to spend all their time and while it has become easier to get to the water than in earlier times this did not stop these early club members who were faithful to their sport.

There are members of different levels of experience in these clubs and members who may no longer get out on the water but have valuable experience to share with other members.

Many of these clubs are also associated with outfits that also give lessons or teach classes and this has added benefits for one of having members who are experts that are able to share information with newer members of the sport.

This is not a sport that is going to fade as just a fad and neither are the clubs that have formed with the thousands of members in the hundreds of clubs as they have all descended from the first club that John MacGregor formed so far in the past that from the year 1866 to today’s year are still going strong.