The Cock Pit Is Different Depending On The Model You Are Using And The Area Of Water You Will Be Using To Kayak

What Is The Purpose Of A Kayak Cockpit?

The size is the difference between all cockpits. They range from being large with lots of room for gear and so you can sit in different positions for long periods of time to small tight cockpits where you need both feet at the same time to get into it. This version fits very tight and you have very good turning and the chance for falling out is less but you will have to learn how to roll over incase you tip or capsize.

Cockpit Kayaks


There are kayaks that are made in different styles and for different water types, all of the models with the exception of two have cockpits, these cockpits are where the paddlers are seated. They have room to slide in to the seat and room to stretch their legs, in some models this entrance is tight while in other models it is constructed to slide in and out of easily.

One example is the ocean kayak whose cockpit is smaller in size than that of the touring model made for use on rivers and open waters. The ocean model has a cockpit that is round in shape and when entering this model it must be entered with both legs together, as it will be a snug fit. The touring model has a slightly small cockpit that can measure in range from twenty-nine to thirty-five inches and fits a spray skirt when needed as well as braces called thigh braces that are usually built into the cockpit, which are used to help control the touring model.

Another style that sports a larger cockpit is the recreational model; this has enough room that a person can stand on the floor while entering, to sit in the seat. The measurements of this style for the cockpit can be approximately thirty-seven inches in diameter giving the person plenty of room to enter and exit. There is one possible problem with this model that can occur, this is when a spray skirt is in use, and the large size of the cockpit can cause the spray skirt to implode.

Cockpits also come in different styles; in some cockpits the front can be high making entry and exiting easier, this also give more room for the legs and knees. A higher cockpit means that less water will be able to enter and if a lower cockpit is a feature that is wanted the addition of knee braces can accomplish this.

A model where the cockpit has a higher back can be found in models such as the touring and cruising kayak that are used for extended trips. This gives the passengers more back support and comfort because of the higher back.