Changes In The Design Of Kayaks Has Changed Over The Years With Many Models From Sit On Tops To See Through

What Are Some Recent Models & Designs?

As with cars kayaks are no different. Models of the latest modern and newest designs come out each and every year. Sometimes they are just small changes and other times the models change completely. It can be very expensive to try new models so sometimes the best way is to rent them. The most recent new changes are see through glass bottoms and sit on tops.

Modern Designs And Changes


Over time many things have changed with these watercrafts from the first ones that were constructed, one of the largest changes of course is the material that the modern kayaks are made from. Today the use of seal skin or sea lion skin along with whale fat would not only be illegal it would also make many current enthusiasts never think of trying the sport. Today they are constructed using sturdy types of plastic among other materials.

There have also been many styles added to the original style, styles that are made for waters other than the ones these first hunters and fishermen had in their region, the beam and the cross section have also changed with these new styles. The hull has also been adapted to fit modern styles for different types of water.

Many other changes have been made including accessories that can be purchased to make this sport or hobby more enjoyable. Accessories such as high back seats that will give more support to the back and foot and hip braces that help to make certain paddling maneuvers easier.

The hull shapes have also been changed to adapt to the type of water that the model is made for, this can make the craft sturdier, keeping it from tipping and it can also help the speed of the kayak in the water. These models that are constructed today in the form of the traditional design still have the original hull shape.

Some of the models that are built today are far from the traditional style, there are stlyes that have no cockpit that are called sit-on-top, there are ones that have pedals where the person pedals as if on a bicycle and there are kayaks made for riding the waves in the ocean, like that of the surfboarder.

Each of these differences have changed the design of the original model and given enthusiasts of this sport more choice in the type of water they are able to take their kayaks.