"Before deciding on a model you should always decide where your going to be using it. Either whitewater or open water"

What's The Difference In Kinds Of Kayaks?

As with all types of boats kayaks are no different. There are many different types of kayaks and it is sometimes hard to tell the difference in what each one is for. Some are used on rivers called whitewater, others are used for deep sea and open water long distance trips. Read below for more.

Difference Between Models Of Kayaks


There are many differences between styles and models of kayaks, there are some that are made short and some that are long and ones made each foot in between. There are also models that are made with rudders and sags, to help in some waters.

Some of these models include the touring style of kayak that is made for rivers, streams and open waters, the whitewater style made for rough currents and excitement, the ocean models made for the open water of the ocean and all it has to offer, the surf model that can ride the waves and reach the shore just as a surfboard would.

There are other differences than just models, there is also a difference in the style of cockpit, some cockpits are just large enough to slide in and out of, then there are other models that have cockpits that have plenty of extra room which means they are easy to access dry or wet.

While most styles of kayaks have cockpits there are also some kayaks that do not have a cockpit but are closed in on top, these models are named sit-on-top, they are the perfect kayaks for beginners and younger people who would like to learn this sport. They are the only model that has a completely closed top and can be used for fishing, swimming and diving with no cockpit to climb back into giving the passenger easy access.

There are other more rare kayaks such as the peddle kayak that is moved through the water with the use of the persons feet rather than paddles, the inflatable and the folding models.

No matter which style of kayak is preferred the result is the same fun, excitement, the feeling of accomplishment when it is man against water. This hobby also shows all nature has to offer, along with relaxation that can only be found when a sport or hobby merges with the outdoors.