"Taking a companion dog or your pet on your trip can be very enjoyable if done safely and properly for you and the animal"

Kayaking with your Pet, Dog and Animals

Being on the water with your favorite friend that doesn't speak and just sits there looking at you with contentment in their eyes is a rewarding experience. We recommend that if you do take your dog with you to do it carefully and always be near shore incase your dog needs a rest.

Kayaking With Your Dog As A Companion


The canine is mans best friend and as such many people take this very seriously and want their dog to go where they go, the companies that make dog items know this fact. Many people today take their dogs on the water in kayaks and some companies who construct different models even have certain models with a cockpit that is the right size for the canine breed.

Kayaking is one sport where it may not always have been canine friendly but it is today, there are many products made for dogs that participate in this sport, there are many products made for mans best friend. Some of these products include items such as life jackets, which are sized to fit and will protect a dog should he need to swim to shore or for an extended amount of time. There are special water bowls made so that even while kayaking they are able to have a drink from safe bottled water and not the water of the stream, river or ocean, that could possibly make their stomach upset.

There is first aid kits made for canines and are small enough to be carried with the other gear that needs to be stored. There are also sunglasses and hats made to fit protecting them from the sun as well as protecting their eyes from other debris in the water and the wind that can damage their eyes as they age.

Safety beacons are another product that is manufactured for dogs who enjoy time out on the water, as well as backpacks where they can carry their dishes that are compact and fit in a case that is provided with them.

Today dogs go many places with their owners and the water is one that many of them go and enjoy as much as their owners, because of this many new products are coming on the market continuously to protect or help the canine in some way when they are kayaking.