Light Tour Kayaks Are Used For Day Trips Or For People Who Live Close To A Lake Who Go For A Few Hours At A Time

What Is A Light / Easy Tour Kayak For?

Used for mainly lake or small bodies of water that have no rapids. Very popular and best for families or groups of people that just like to go for a casual paddle without staying far from home. They have small storage compartments and are very common with rental companies. Excellent and easy to use for beginners and new kayakers who are just learning how to kayak.

Easy / Light Tour Kayaking


The light touring kayak is a style that has many of the features of the touring model, and are constructed much the same with a few exceptions. This is a model that is often chosen for traveling on lakes, the river and inlets for one of the differences in this style the length of these is constructed between thirteen and fifteen feet.

This shorter length gives this model the advantage of traveling into smaller bodies of water such as the inlet or places found along the coastline. One other feature is they can be found with one or two cockpits, because of their length they will not be found with the capability to carry three passengers. They do have a long enough length to carry all the gear needed for extended trips and vacations of shorter duration, but is also able to take the owner to places they may not camp at with the longer touring model or other styles.

Unlike the regular touring model the light touring kayak can be found in some whitewater and does well in it when maneuvering and hitting some of the rough waters.

The hull and beam construction still allows the speed that is found in the touring models and they are made from the same type of materials of the touring kayak.

Along with some of the benefits with this style of kayak there is also the issue of transport and storage, as they are thirteen to fifteen feet they are long enough to have fun in and yet short enough that they can be transported on the roof of an auto as well as in a kayak trailer. Storing this model also is made easier than the length of the touring model, with almost all the benefits of that model plus the added benefit of being capable of handling some whitewater.