Always Make Sure You Have Enough And the Right Equipment For Each Trip No Matter How Long You Will Be Gone For

What Is The Most Important Equipment?

It is essential to always pack the right equipment for the limited space a kayak has to begin with. You can also you a backpack or if you are very strong you can tow another kayak behind you. The most important accessories and equipment should be survival first. You never know what can happen when the weather changes or some other random event.

Vital Important Equipment


With every sport or hobby there are certain items that are necessary and then there are some that are just important to carry at all times, they may not protect a person but they can save a life in some cases.

People who enjoy this sport or are just beginning should always have a personal water flotation device; they should also wear a well fitting helmet. These are for personal safety and are not only essential they can be a matter of life and death in some circumstances.

There are other items that should be carried, items such as rope that can have several uses including helping rescue someone in trouble. Water should always be carried, should a day trip turn into a longer trip because of a mishap there may not be water for drinking available. A fist aide kit is an essential item to carry, should someone be injured this item can help to stop bleeding and bandage sprains and an emergency shelter should also be carried. There should be more than one type of fire starter should be carried, should an unplanned stop be necessary fire can help to warm the body, it can be a way to cook and most importantly it can be a way to alert people that may be in rescue parties.

A weather radio can be helpful to alert in bad or changing weather, emergency blankets that can often be found in the auto department is lightweight, small and can help to give warmth in cold weather if there is an unplanned stop.

If experience has given you the knowledge to venture into the higher classes of whitewater one of the items that might be an essential is hip braces that are used to help in making fast turns and other maneuvers that can be a necessity in this faster moving water.

These are all items that can make a trip whether short or long safer and more fun when the proper gear is packed for every situation.