"Catching fish from a kayak is something few people get a chance to experience. There is no better feeling being there."

Kayaking While Enjoying Ocean Fishing

Yes it can be done if you are careful and want to get to areas that other people just can't access. Being right at the same level as your catch and winding it towards your boat is a different feeling than casting off shore or from a canoe or fishing vessel. Something everyone should try who is a kayaker.

Ocean Kayaking And Fishing


There are many fishermen that choose the freedom and excitement that a kayak can give them, taking them to places that other watercrafts are not able to access. There are many styles that are prefect for fishing and are easy to maneuver in creeks and streams as well as the ocean for the salt-water fisherman.

Several models are constructed so that they are easy to fish from and at least two models the fisherman is able to stand and fish if they desire. One is the multi-hull and the other is the pedal kayak. This of course is an added benefit in this line of watercrafts that other offer with the exception of the canoe, which may become unstable.

The touring kayak is a wise choice for the fisherman who likes the wide open water and camping along with his fishing trips or the recreational kayak that is easy to maneuver and is able to get into smaller water ways than the touring model. Either of these styles is a good choice for the fisherman who likes to fish along the coastline. However for fishing in lakes or inlets a sit on top is a style that is perfect for that style as well as the fact that is one of the easiest styles to maneuver and is stable enough to fish, swim and dive from. It also has the unique feature that the passengers are not seated in a cockpit making their seating position further above the water than other watercrafts. This can give the fisherman an added advantage over others with their ability of seeing what the water has to offer in a chosen spot.

There are other types of watercrafts that are available to fishermen but the many styles of kayaks have more to offer the fisherman with the types of waters that they are able to travel through and the way they are able to maneuver in the water, along with the fact that as they are powered by the human rather than a motor of any sort they will do less to disturb the fish giving the fisherman a better catch.