This Sport Is One Of the Best For Upper Body Muscle Training and Cardio Endurance While Breathing Fresh Outdoor Air

What Kind Of Fitness Routine Is Best?

When it comes to paddling just get out there and do it and you will burn calories and grow your upper body strength in the arms and shoulders. It has been proven that this level of excercise and fitness will lower your cholesterol and fat levels as you will burn lots of calories over the course of just a one hour paddle. Those looking to build muscles will also see excellent results.

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Kayaking is a sport, even if the person feels it is a hobby, they need to treat it like a sport when it comes to fitness or exercise prior to taking their craft out on the water. This will help to ensure there will be no cramping of the muscles, strains or pulled muscles. The body needs to be warmed up; this is a full workout for the body when paddling through the water and with out warming up the body will fight back.

Sets of simple stretches will help to stretch and warm the muscles up, stretching from side to side, simple twists and other exercises of this nature will help to warm the muscles up.

One of these type of exercises is exercising the chest and back muscles but standing and placing the right hand on the left shoulder, then with the left hand move the right elbow toward the shoulder. This is done holding the position for ten to fifteen seconds; it is then done on the other side placing the left hand on the right shoulder. This exercise will help to warm up and stretch out the muscles in the back and chest, which is extremely helpful as these are the muscles that a person will use when paddling. This type of exercise is done in sets of five or ten to warm up properly.

Another exercise to stretch the back, shoulder, arms and hands is to place the fingers intertwined in front of the body, then extend them at shoulder height and hold for between ten and twenty seconds before releasing. This should be done in sets of ten to properly stretch and warm these muscles.

Stretching the middle of the back is also important when paddling, if paddling correctly this is muscles that will be used rather than the arm muscles to keep from straining the arms and tiring out quickly. This exercise is done by standing with the hands on the hips and knees apart, and twisting the torso at the waist until pressure is felt. When the pressure is felt hold the position for ten to fifteen seconds, then repeat on the other side. This is done in sets of tens and switching from one side to the other.

While these exercises deal with the upper body exercises for stretching the legs should also be done so the leg muscles do not cramp when sitting in the kayak for an extended amount of time.

To stretch the legs there are calf exercises that can help to keep the calf muscles from cramping and this is done by standing with the feet away from a wall and to lean on the wall using the forearms and leaning the head and neck on the forearms. The right foot is placed in front of the body with the knee slightly bent and the left leg behind and standing straight. The next part of this exercise is to move the hips slowly until the calf muscle can be felt stretching and hold it for ten to twenty seconds. This is then done on the other side, and done in sets of five or ten.