Always Make Sure You Have The Right Gear For Kayaking. From Safety To The Right Equipment It Is Very Important

What Kind Of Gear Do You Need to Kayak?

The equipment can vary from trip to trip and depending upon the area of which you are going kayaking in. For ocean or sea you will probably want to bring along food since you will probably be going for a long time. For something like whitewater a helmet and first aid kit is very important. Make sure that you always don't underpack but prepare for emergencies always. Examine your needs vs your wants.

Kayak Gear


The sport of kayaking has become a sport that thousands of people enjoy, it is also one that many companies are constantly working on new products to help the kayak perform better as well as products that make it more fun while traveling the water.

One of these are new designs that come out by the many companies that construct kayaks, they work to obtain models that the person can travel in comfort as well as travel at a faster speed, this has long been a goal of these companies.

Paddles are another accessory that come in different types, from the materials that the handles are made of to the different shapes of the blades and the way they function in the water. These paddles are made from very light materials to heavier materials as well as blades that have no curve to ones that have deep curves in them.

For the more fun side of kayaking there are accessories that are made for the fisherman such as holders for fishing rods, there are special dishes that are made to be used for the canine that goes out on the water that fold taking little room and sails for some models to be used on the ocean, river or lake.

One item that is used by many people is booties or socks; these are snug fitting and also tighten with a pull cord, they come in a mid calf height or an ankle high. These are more comfortable and less bulky than kayak shoes inside the cockpit and many are made from neoprene uppers and insoles to keep the feet warm.

Dry suits are made of Gore-Tex and are made to be breathable, they are fitted with neoprene cuffs on the arms and legs to protect built in latex gaskets. There are also dry jackets that if a person does not want and entire suit these jackets are styled with sleeves and a full jacket or in a short style jacket.

There are also wetsuits that are often worn by people, these should fit the body tightly to enable warm water to stay inside the suit but not to allow cold water in, they also come with long sleeves or a tank top style.

Besides clothing there is other items that many people feel make the experience more comfortable, such as seat kits, these are seat pads, feet, ankle, heel and hip wedges that are made to fit and comfort.