Kayaking Started Hundreds Years Ago And Models Vary With The Native Tribes That Used Them Throught The World

How did kayaking begin and start?

The early kayaks were made from hollowed out trees and carried anywhere between one and ten people from lake travel to ocean travel. Like any sort of transportation device kayaking has evolved over the years and we have went from hollowed out trees to fiberglass lightweight that are very durable for both ocean and river kayaking.

Historical & History Of Kayaks


Although there are very few written records, the history of kayaking begins long ago and in the Artic, they were first constructed by inhabitants of the Intuit tribe and the Aleut tribe as a means for fishing and hunting. The construction of these, along with the materials that were used allowed them to be used in rough waters without tipping in the rough and icy waters of this region making them the perfect watercraft for their needs.

The Eskimos of Alaska were not far behind in their construction of the kayak and went further in their styles making ones named a Baidarka that could transport two or three in one style. In another style they could transport many was named an Umiak, this model could also have several people paddling. These crafts were used for hunting as well as fishing, transporting goods and people, along with hunting parties.

Kayaks were not exclusive to these two areas, there is also evidence that that these watercrafts were constructed for peoples of the Bering Straight, Greenland and the northeastern point of Russia all of whom traveled, hunted and fished for survival in these rough and icy waters.

One of the most memorable models that was constructed was the Rob Roy; a man named John McGregor, in 1845, built this kayak. McGregor constructed the craft not for transportation as the earlier ones were but rather for a hobby, this sport minded man realized what others had not. The fact that these watercrafts were able to handle the beatings of the rough waters these early people had depended on for providing food and transporting their goods made the kayak alluring to McGregor.

John McGregor took his love of kayaking one step further than the Rob Roy and created the first kayak club in 1866.