The Hull Is The Bottom Side Of the Kayak That Is The Underneath Exposed To The Water Almost All Of The Time

What Is The Purpose Of The Bottom Side?

The purpose is to maneuver and turn through the water as well as the stability and to keep it upright without flipping. The underneath is always exposed to the water so it is very important that you select a vessel with less of a V is you are looking for a fast kayak with lots of speed. This is mainly found on touring units that are used for ocean and deep sea long distance trips.

Hull / Bottom Of A Kayak


The bottom of the kayak is an important part of the crafts design it will be found on the bottom of the model from the bow to the stern. The design of the shape will determine how the craft will be able to maneuver in the water along with how stable it will be when paddling.

These different shapes also have names such as the Symmetrical, which has the widest part in the midsection of the model and then there is the Fish Form, this is where the widest part is forward of the midsection of the craft. Another is the Swede Form; this is when the widest part of the hull is at the aft of the midsection.

The hull also comes in a variety of shapes across the entire bottom of the craft; they can be flat, rounded and V-shaped, the hull along with the chine will determine how stable a kayak is in the water. This will also determine how easily it will tip in the water depending on the hull and the chine.

The flatter and rounder the more speed the craft will move in the water and do so using less effort than one with a severe V-shaped hull.

The sharper the V-shape, the easier the model is to maneuver, this means that this shape is used for racing styles, white water models and many styles of inflatable models as well.

The flatter and more rounded shapes will be found on the touring styles and others that are made for a more relaxed type of kayaking in open waters. This is one reason that they are able to travel at a higher rate of speed, however these styles do not maneuver as quickly as the model with the V-shaped hull.