We Also Teach Lessons And Have An Excellent Team Of Teachers And Instructors To Teach You How To Learn How To

Should You Take Lessons Before You Go?

It is a good idea to take lessons and or a brief instruction if you have never kayaked before or you need a refresher from when you last were out on the water. We offer you lessons before you go on a trip with us as well as group or individual lessons from our office in North Vancouver, Deep Cove. Below is just a sample of what you will learn. Phone us to book your time.

Kayaking Lessons


When a person decides this is the type of sport or hobby for them, the beginner will certainly want to join in local classes or lessons as well as the advanced person in this watercraft sport.

Classes and lessons are able to teach different strokes that will help in water situations to keep the craft moving smoothly through the water rather than getting out of control or tipping.

The beginner will learn how to choose the right type of paddles, the correct way to paddle so that rather than using only the arms for pushing the craft through the water the entire body is helping, this will give the person a more enjoyable trip without tiring the arms or straining muscles.

They will also learn maneuvers that are important to paddle correctly that if learned on their own may not be the correct way and will take more energy to move the craft through the water.

A person that has been on the water for some time and has intermediate knowledge will learn different paddling strokes than that of the beginner that will be to their advantage when in waters that test their skill and experience. The intermediate is a person that has experience and skill and classes or lessons will be geared to this persons abilities and the next water classification they will want to try their skills in.

Classes and lessons for the advanced person is geared to their expert experience and instructors know the type of water they have mastered to reach this level paddling strokes at this level will include rescue of others and how to read the current and rapids because they are ready to enter water that is as dangerous as the excitement found there.

There are many companies that offer classes and lessons for every level of kayaker from beginners to the advanced and each level will give the skills that are needed to enter the next level of water with confidence, such as those at Rising Sun Kayaks.