Used For Greater Stability, Maneuvering And Turning These Kayaks Are Best For Fishing And When You Need Storage

What Are Multiple Hull Kayaks Used For?

Also refered to as double hull, double bottom or multi hulled these kayaks are used for people that require greater stability, mobility and turning in open water like the ocean or a lake. Not used for whitewater they are also easy to stand up in as they are quite stable and are difficult to tip or capsize.

Multi Double Hull


The twin hull version is one that while unusual it has some advantages over the single bottom kayak, one of this is the transporting and storage abilities of this style as it allows for more room than the single hull models.

One of the advantages of this kind is that there is very little chance that it will ever tip in the water as the two hulls keep it stable, in many of the twin hull models the legs are put in each side or one in each hull, this in itself stabilizes it in the water.

There are double base models that are made to travel in different types of waters such as the ocean and rivers. One place this style will not be seen is in whitewater, as they would not maneuver well enough to travel in the rough currents. There are some models that have two smaller hulls built on the main ones that will also aid in the speed and this style is more comfortable with its roomy leg area.

Another feature of this model is they move at a higher speed in the water than some other kinds due to the fact that they have more than one hull they have less water resistance than other styles. It will also have less suction from the water so this style is one that a person can paddle faster than other styles.

This type of kayak is one that fishermen can use and are able to stand to fish and be completely safe from tipping because of the multi-hull stability; this style is also a model that can be used for sailing. Another fun way to use this style of kayak is for surfing, while it is very stable and not good for whitewater it can still be used on the ocean for surfing with great success.

One last feature of this style is the ability to control the maneuvering from inside the cockpit, very few models have this capability.