The Rocker Is The Front Curve And Angle On A Kayak That Is Used For Greater Turns & Mobility In Different Whitewater

What Does The Rocker Do On A Kayak?

The rocker is the front or rear, bow or stern of a kayak that is used for turning and greater movement in areas of white water. Some people prefer rockers with a large curve angle where others prefer a smaller curved front or rear. It can also keep you upright better in white water areas such as rivers of high currents and lots of class 4 or 5 rapids.

Rocker Kayaks


The rocker on a kayak is the curve on the stern and the bow, the amount of this curve enhanced how the craft maneuvers and makes it a wise choice for certain types of water depending on the amount of rocker.

Some models that are designed with a large amount of rocker maneuver in waters such as the rough currents and obstacles found in whitewater. The large amount of rocker n these models also have a drawback as these do not have a high rate of speed, a paddlers can however in some instances lean the kayak at a approximately a ninety-degree angle to gain speed.

The style with a large amount of rocker is also not a wise choice for paddlers that intend to travel river waters as the models with a large amount of rocker will not handle well in the open waters of a river and should there be wind this design would take the most amount of skill to handle it in the open water. However, if the model with a large amount of rocker is taken to the narrow stream it will handle better than many other styles as the rocker enables fast maneuvering for obstacles and rocks that can be found in streams. This makes a model with a large amount of rocker appealing to those who want to be off the beaten track to see nature or for fishing.

The rocker amount will also affect the amount of speed, where a kayak that has a less amount of rocker will have more speed, paddle straighter and have less resistance when paddling. There are however things that can change the performance of a model with a large amount of rocker, this is with the addition of a rudder or skeg and some models are equipped with these or added on at a later time to aid the performance of the large beam style.