When Taking A Kayak Trip Always Remember Emergency And Safety Protocol And Always Bring A Survival First Aid Kit

How Important Is Safety And First Aid?

This should be your number one concern when you embark on a trip that is either short of long distance. You never know when weather can change, a paddle can get dropped, a person can get sick or any other emergency will arise. Make sure you always pack a first aid kit and have communication with someone that knows where you are and when you will return back. Safety is always number one of a wise paddler.

Safety, Emergency and First Aid


When out on the water safety has got to be a priority if a person is going to have an enjoyable trip whether it is a short one or long one. Part of being safe on the water with this sport includes specific items that should be worn as well as classes that should be taken in both paddling strokes and in water safety.

Each person on a kayak should wear a life jacket and a helmet; these will help in dangerous situations in the water. The helmet to protect the head from rocks and other debris and the life jacket as these waters can be deep and fast moving, some waters will have rapids or waves and caps. Even an excellent swimmer can be overcome by the water if they are tipped or capsized and the life jacket will make sure to bring them to the surface fast enough that the person will not drown.

A first aid kit should always be carried and a first aide course should be taken to ensure that should a situation arise where someone is injured rather than being unable to help or control the situation. In the case of someone who is injured and bleeding it could be the difference between life and death or infection that could result in a needless amputation.

It is also something that will be learned in kayak lessons or classes or first aid classes for watercraft owners, when a person is wearing a wetsuit it can hold in blood from a cut and it may not show until there has been a larger amount of blood lost than need be.

Emergency supplies should be carried also, items such as a shelter, a way to start fire, water and a way to alert rescuers as some of the items. Food can often be found growing wild or from the water and cooked over a fire but water is important especially if kayaking in the ocean or sea. More than one way of starting a fire should be part of emergency gear while one might not work another will and a fire can be seen from rescue planes.

These are just some of the safety procedures that are necessary for a safe and pleasant trip on the water and may help in a bad situation.