"The sit on top is actually a very stable version of a touring kayak that can be used individually or up to three people"

How Does A Sit On Top Kayak Work?

Unlike what most people think this model is actually very safe and you will remain upright. It is very useful for people who don't like the feeling of being inside a cockpit. They can be used for multiple people and for long or short trips. Read below for more information on this kind of kayak.

How Do You Use A Sit On Top Kayak?


The sit on top style of kayak is far different than the other models; this has no cockpit and is just as the name says, because the person sits on the top of this model in seats to paddle.

This is a style that is made for the beginner as well as the more skilled, it can be used in creeks, lakes and rivers, and it also is easy to maneuver. This model also is not easily tipped and if it is tipped it is one that is easily righted.

This means this model is perfect for the person just learning to use a kayak and is especially good for children who are learning.

This style is constructed with bulkheads for storing enough gear for short trips and come with one, two, or three seats. They are a good model for sightseeing, swimming, fishing and diving. As there are no cockpits it makes it easy for these activities with no worry of sliding in a tight cockpit while wet or making the kayak tip while getting in from the water. They also make a perfect style when going into creeks for excursions and camping because it can be easily maneuvered in these waters, giving them an advantage that other styles are not capable.

This style is constructed from materials such as rigid plastic and fiberglass, which keeps them more lightweight than other styles; this also makes them an easy care style more than other models that are constructed with a cockpit. This also is a pleasing feature when transporting and storing a lighter weight model.

This model is one that the entire family can use and enjoy that is also stable with little fear of tipping making it a model that even young members of the family can be on the water.