For Muscle Growth And Strenth Building For The Upper Body This Sport Is One Of The Best For Endurance And Cardio

Is Kayaking a sport or just an activity

This is an excellent sport for endurance and upper body muscle growth. A person can start out slow and choose open water with no rapids or can move all the way up to olympic competitions and professional events around the world. If your just starting out and would like some cardio excercise then get out and try it a couple hours a week.

Kayak As A Sport For Beginners To Professionals


Kayaking is a sport as well as a hobby to many people; this includes professional events where the sport of kayaking is taken very seriously. Then there are others who feel kayaking is their hobby and find fun and excitement on the water; some kayakers use their kayak and the open water for vacations.

Kayaking is a sport or a hobby that takes training and skill to master situations that can happen in the water, to maneuver around rocks and other obstacles in the water and to know what the water is doing, what type of currents are dangerous, what waves should be avoided and other things that only training can teach.

There are classes and lessons that are geared to each level of kayaking from the beginner to the advanced and in between. Kayaking is a hobby that even younger members of the family can learn, or go on the water with adults; it is a hobby that even mans best friend can tag a long.

People who enjoy kayaking do so for many reasons, some enjoy it for the whitewater rapids and others for taking a cruise down river, there are others who find it is a relaxing way to take a camping vacation and even fishermen find it is a way to get into the smaller streams where a boat could not maneuver.

Kayaking has had a long history and has today become a billion dollar industry, there is all types of kayaks constructed for all types of water including the ocean and for surfing along side surfboarders.

There are all kinds of gear that is manufactured as well as clubs, organizations and kayak schools and tours. One of these is Rising Sun Kayaks, where kayakers can take lessons and tours.

There are few other sports or hobbies that can give the kind of pleasure and excitement that kayakers get out on the water with the full vision of nature and all it has to offer, it is man against the water and the feeling of accomplishment when the trip is over.