A Spray Skirt Or Also Referred To As Spray Skirting For Kayaks Is Mainly Used To Keep Water Out And Keep Warm

What Exactly Does A Spray Skirt Do?

This skirting is to keep you dry and warm when the wter drips from the blade of you paddle or even from waves or whitewater. It is attached around the opening of the kayak usually by bungee or elastic fitting. You put in around you like a dress before you step into the kayak and then attach it. It is completely an option but most choose to use them.

Spray Skirts


A spray skirt is an accessory that some types of kayaking requires for comfort as well as keeping water out of the kayak that this accessory be used. Spray skirts help to keep water out of the craft when in the fast moving whitewater that has rapids with caps that can splash water into the cockpit.

The spray skirt fits a person where they step into it and pull it up to the waist or higher, usually the ribs and when they enter the craft it is then places securely on around the cockpit. This spray skirt has a grab loop that should always be left where it can be reached when or if needed in an emergency situation.

Many of these spray skirts are made from a material called neoprene, which allows the user to have full body movement when using this type of spray skirt. The spray skirts that are made from this type of material are made for whitewater or fresh water, there is a different material used for the ocean going models. A sturdy polyester material that is coated heavily with polyurethane and seams that are welded is how spray skirts are constructed for the person using it in the ocean.

The ocean or sea spray skirt is not only constructed from different materials, it is also made to fit the person and the kayak with a bungee rim that will give it a secure fit on the craft to keep ocean waves out of the crafts cockpit. It is also fitted with suspender straps to keep the tension correct that are connected with either snaps or buckles that are able to release quickly should the need arise.

The spray skirt is an important piece of equipment when traveling in waters that are filled with caps that will make its way into the cockpit, not only would this be a wet trip but it would also be one that would require a bulge pump to empty the cockpit.