The Style Of Kayaks Change Every Couple Of Years By Improving In Safety, Comfort And Speed In All Sorts Of Models

What Are The Modern Styles For Kayaks?

The models over the years have not changed greatly for ocean, or whitewater but the materials and styles have changed slightly with new improvements to materials, shape and weight. Some of the most recent versions and styles have been the see through, the three person and the sit on top. Though not used as much as the regular types of kayaks they are becomming more popular.

Kayak Styles


There are many styles of kayaks today, unlike earlier years when there was the traditional style kayak and later the design of the Rob Roy. Designs today are made to fit kayakers habits and their size.

The kayaker who likes to take longer trips on the river and stop to camp would do well in a touring kayak, however the person who finds thrills and excitement in the rough and wild caps of the whitewater would be served better with a whitewater kayak.

There are kayaks that are made for surfing the waves of the ocean that are aptly named surf kayaks. These kayaks are able to hit the waves like that of the surfboard making this a fun and exciting sport for the ocean kayaker. There is also a style of kayak that is made for traveling the ocean, which is styled similar to the touring kayaks that enables longer trips on the ocean waters with room for storage and that is stable enough to handle the ocean waters and its currents.

The white water kayak is a style that is constructed to handle the beating of the rapids and to maneuver quickly in order to avoid hitting rocks and other debris as well as currents that the kayaker does not want to travel into.

A recreational kayak is one that can be a great asset for the fisherman who likes to take it easy on the water. Many of the recreational kayaks have larger cockpits and a wider beam compared to other styles of kayaks making them a very stable watercraft.

There are kayaks that are constructed without a cockpit, these are named sit-on-top, and they have been designed for easy handling and are a wise choice for learning to kayak and are a perfect choice for younger people who are learning to kayak.

Among the designs that are constructed today are inflatable kayaks that have terrific advantages for hikers that are air dropped in remote locations and also for the person who wants to kayak but has problems transporting a standard design kayak. There are also folding kayaks, these of course also are easier to transport and each of these types of kayaks are easier to store when not on the water.