Tour Kayaks Are Used For Trips Over Lakes, Oceans, Sea, And Slow Moving Types Of Water For One Or More People

What Is The Purpose Of A Touring Kayak?

These are long and hold one one more persons. They can have storage compartments and are very stable and fast. The best for group trips or long day trips on the open water such as lakes, ocean or inlets where you can come ashore and rest if you want. Tour kayaks come in either one person, two person and sometimes three person units.

Tour Kayaks For Long Trips


The touring kayak is one that is made for the calm waters of the river where rapids will not be found, a model that while it can move faster than other types of kayaks there are many other features of the touring model that are different from the whitewater, recreational or other styles.

One of the differences are the length, this model is much longer and can be constructed with one, two or three cockpits, and contain a much larger storage space than other models of kayaks.

This is a style that is used in open waters or rivers and with their amount of storage space they are used for trips that are longer than day trips, such as camping trips for the person that likes to surround himself or herself with the outdoors.

This style is constructed with a shape of hull and rocker that make them more stable than other styles; this makes them a safe type of kayak for an member of the family including the canine members. This also makes them move faster through the water than other models and they are constructed from a dense form of polyethylene, which makes them durable and some models may be found that are constructed with fiberglass. The fiberglass models however may become damaged easier than those fabricated from polyethylene.

There are some touring models that are fitted with rudders and skags, this will help to keep the craft straight when paddling and the touring model can be found in lengths from nine feet to a length of approximately seventeen and a half feet. The water line on these models along with the length will make them extremely stable for this type of watercraft and the longer the length the more storage area there will be for vacation or holiday camping essentials.