Storing, Moving And Transporting Your Kayaks Is Easy If You Have The Right Equipment And Source Of Transportation

What Are The Best Ways To Store & Move?

One of the drawbacks of going kayaking is getting it to the water. Obviously the easy way is to get where your going and renting from a company. The other way is to get a roof rack for your vehicle which allows you to be more mobile. There are other options though such as small one person or inflatable ones. Some companies like Rising Sun will transport and deliver you rental units where your going.

Transporting & Moving Kayaks


Going kayaking is a sport or hobby that many people find fun and exciting to be out on the water, however when not out on the water there is the problem of how to store the craft and how to transport it to the water.

There are several ways to transport one of these crafts, with the exception of the inflatable that can fit in a carrying bag and can be transported in any type of vehicle and even on a motorcycle, as they are a lightweight and compact. Other models of course are not this easily transported, they must be carried on roof racks made for them, and some of these have guide ropes that are attached to the bumper or frame of the vehicle. There are also trailers that are made for transporting these crafts for the person that would rather tow a trailer, many of these are made for transporting more than one kayak and some are made to carry up to four. If the craft to be carried is made of plastic material rather than a more sturdy material there are special carriers made to transport them while standing, this is made to carry this type of kayak without stressing them.

Storing one of these crafts is not a technical event, it is best placed in a corner with a wall on each side, this ensures that it will not fall to either side and it is best placed standing on its stern will cause the least amount of stress on the craft. Storing a kayak in this manner will also take less room and is the proper way of storing.

Placing one of these crafts on overhead racks causes stress on it and is not advisable as over time the stress will begin to show, this type of storage is also capable of warping and of the models.

Sitting flat on the ground will affect the planning hull and it can begin to take the shape of where it is sitting, making this type of storage ill advisable.

By sticking with the proper way of storing the kayak will take the least amount of room and will also keep it usable for many years with no stress or damage.