Kayaking Holidays Are Great Experiences For Families, Couples, Singles & Groups Who Enjoy The Outdoors & Travel

A Vacation Or Holiday Like No Other

If you are planning a holiday there is nothing better than planning it around kayaking. It is a sport that almost anyone can do, it is healthy and it allows you to explore, photograph and enjoy the outdoors. You can even make your entire holiday based around a long distance trip over a few days. The best thing about it is you can meet people, go alone or take the entire family on a familiy vacation.

Vacations & Holidays


Vacation time is waited for and takes people away from their everyday life and one spent on the water is one of the most exciting touring the river, following the coastline and seeing nature in a way that no other trip would be able bring the full sites. The water, the birds, and the places that can be stopped at that with another type of watercraft might be missed.

This is the perfect type of holiday for the nature lover or the photographer who wants to capture nature in full bloom, as with this type of travel there is no motor as with other watercrafts to disrupt nature.

There are holidays that can be a camping trip along the water, a back pacing trip where the people are dropped in and an inflatable model because of their lightweight compact size makes them the perfect watercraft to take along.

There are models that are sized to carry more than one passenger and have the capacity to carry all the gear that is needed for camping or backpacking. There are models that are shorter in length that will not carry the amount of gear needed for a long vacation but will handle enough gear for an over night trip or a weekend trip if packed correctly.

The rivers and whitewater are not the only place that a person who plans a kayak vacation is able to go, the ocean is also a choice for some, this craft has the capacity to pack gear for long vacations in the wide open ocean with all the sea life that will be visible, with no motor to disturb the fish, whales, dolphins and others that are at home there, this is a trip that will thrill and excite the vacationer.

Only holidays in this type of craft leave nature as it should be with only the sounds of the wildlife or sea life for viewing unlike other types of trips where the droning of a motor disrupts nature and this vacationer misses so many sites due to this noise. This also gives a person the excitement of using their skills when paddling that they have worked so hard to accomplish, no matter what type of water they are in there is certain to be different situations on a longer trip than on a day trip. This will not only take them away from everyday vacation places it will also leave paddlers with a sense of accomplishment.