There Are Basically Three Options For Choosing A Kayak On The Open Water. They Are Ocean / Sea, Lake And River

What Kind Of Kayak And Water Is Used?

It is very important to use the proper one with the type of kayaking you will be doing. You never want to use an ocean or deep sea when your going down rapids on a river. As well as you don't want to use a small river boat when you need stability in the open ocean. Always talk to a professional guide or company to discuss which model is best for you.

The Kind Of Body Of Water Is Important


There are many different types of water and there are kayaks constructed for use in each of the types of water. Each of the models are constructed differently, the shape of the hull and the beam, the length and even the way they are made.

Kayaks such as the surf kayak that is made for riding the waves of the ocean, along with the style that is made for spending time on the ocean and is capable of handling the type of current found in the ocean waters.

The models that are made for whitewater that are shorter in length and maneuver quickly in order to avoid hazards found in that type of water. Touring kayaks are the opposite of this, they are long and can seat one two or three people and the largest difference is they are made for touring out in the open water such as rivers. Touring kayaks while they have the capability to carry more than one passenger they also have enough storage space to pack gear for a longer trip than that of the whitewater model and often are used for vacations and holidays for camping trips.

There are kayaks that have no cockpit but are named sit-on-top because this is how the person sits; these are for having fun such as swimming or diving and fishing. The recreational kayak is also constructed for enjoying the water but not made for the rapids.

Some of these models are inflatable, hobbyists that use this type of kayak use them for their connivance, and they are compact for transporting and lightweight. Fishermen often use this type of kayak and people who like to be flown in and dropped to where they will hike find this style the perfect accompaniment to their other gear. Another model that is found in this type of construction for easy transport is the folding kayak, when not in use it is easy to transport to the water and is also smaller to store when not out on the water, these features it shares with the inflatable kayak.