These Kayaks Are Used For The Best Defense Against Waves And White Water As They Are Impossible To Tip Over

How Does A Wave Walker Kayak Work?

The best kind for stability and to resist tipping and capsizing from waves or fast moving water. A very popular double hull kayak it has lots of leg room and you can stand up in it if you want. The wave walking kayak has been popular for many years and is very difficult to flip over therefore it will always stay popular for people who need balance.

Wave Walk Kayaks


The wave walking kayak is one of the very unique styles, it is closest to the multi hull in some respects and in others it is like that of the whitewater kayak.

It is a twin hull model and where it differs from the multi hull is that it is made for the rough current found in whitewater. They are also a style that will be found in the ocean waves like that of the surf kayak.

The wave walk model is constructed with twin hulls giving this model stability as well as style that will not tip no matter how rough the water becomes. The twin hulls make it a design with more leg room than other styles and the design of this style is made to ride above the waves of rough water, it is also easy to maneuver in calm waters.

The design features of this kayak make it one that appeals to many people including fishermen because in this style a person is able to stand while they paddle and this gives fishermen the advantage of choosing the right spot, along with being able to stand while they cast their line.

The design of the wave walker is not new, in years gone by people who used this style of kayak would tie their ankles to the kayak so that while standing they were stable, this has changed with the designs constructed today. Two men who found wave walking an exciting sport when tying ankles was necessary were Jeff and Jim Snyder, who were also known to have tried this in inflatable models. When in a sitting position the person has one leg in each of the hulls, this makes the wave walker even more stable.

In the past wave walking could also be named paddle skiing as those who used this model were known to stand while paddling on the ocean surf.