White Water Kayaks Are Small And Easy To Turn In Rivers And Areas Of Strong Rapids From Class 1 To Class 5

What Is Different Between Touring & This?

The main difference is size and mobility. These are always small and used for only one person at a time. They can be easily turned in a complete circle in a fast moving river of strong rapids. Although not best for touring as their storage abilities are limited they are very good for short distance travel and for transportation from one spot to the next.

White Water Kayaks


There are distinct differences between the whitewater kayak and the river kayak, each are made to travel in different types of water and each are constructed differently.

The whitewater model is constructed with durable materials due to the rough rapids that it will travel in, they are built short in length so they are able to maneuver in this type of water. Whitewater is water that has rapids, a fast current and is known to have twists and turns along with rocks and other debris. This is a type of water that can be dangerous if not prepared to maneuver in it and for these reasons the whitewater kayak is short and can maneuver through obstacles. Since the lengths of these models are shorter than other models they are used for fun, excitement and usually day trips, as they do not have the storage of other models.

Whitewater is also rated in classes from the calmest to the whitewater with the most dangerous rapids.

There are also whitewater kayaks that are built for racing, these are constructed to maneuver as quickly as other whitewater kayaks but are also built to do what are called tricks, and this includes rolling the kayak.

The touring kayak is a completely different experience; they are constructed for traveling on the open water of the rivers and large bodies of water. They are longer in length, which gives them several advantages over the whitewater model. The first is that they move through the water faster than the ones constructed for whitewater, because of their length. The second advantage they have is the construction of them can be built to accommodate one, two or three passengers. With this type of model longer length they have more storage space that can hold enough gear to take holiday and vacations and for camping. They are a very sturdy kayak with little fear of tipping do to the construction of the hull and beam, along with the height of the water line when in the water.

The touring kayak is one that is made for seeing nature and all it has to offer with the exception of rapids, this kayak is not made for traveling through whitewater, as it would be to long and also it would not maneuver fast enough in the rapids and currents found in whitewater.

While each of these different models are made for different types of water, each is also fun and exciting for the people that chose either of them.