Whitewater Kayaking Is Something That Takes Place In Rivers, Streams, Canals & Creeks. It Can Be Very Fast Or Slow

What Class Of Rapids Is White Water?

When you kayak in heavy strong rapids that is whitewater rafting you will know about the rating scale of rapids. It ranges from 1 to 5 grade and is graded by a kayak company of the local area. These are based on their ease of navigation to the average kayaker. A beginner should never try more than a class 2 rapid unless with a qualified guide.

Whitewater Kayaking


There are two styles of kayaks that are made for white water, water that is filled with rapids, fast moving currents, rocks and other debris that are found in fresh streams.

One is constructed for racing in white water, so this means while it is constructed of durable material it is also short in length. This type of kayak is constructed with a planning hull, this it the ability to move through the water the way a boat would until it hits rapids, then the wave will lift the kayak out of the water causing it to skip across the surface. They are also constructed for speed and fast maneuverability.

The white water touring kayak is one of the sturdiest models constructed, these styles are constructed to travel down river while also capable of handling rapids and will have different hull and beam features that will cause them to be more buoyant in the water, these features of course also affect the stability of the kayak in the river. The racing model is also one that advanced kayakers also use for doing what are known as tricks such as Eskimo rolls, making this a model that if tipped can be righted easily compared to that of the whitewater touring kayak.

These touring models also will have more storage space than the white water racing models and since this is the case it is more often used for taking longer trips than the racing kayak, which has little storage space. The whitewater touring model will still have many of the capabilities as the racing one when it comes to the rough water that is found in whitewater. Although, with this in mind it is also not the proper type of kayak for some classifications of some whitewater, as it does not maneuver as quickly as the shorter racing kayak. The whitewater touring model is also a choice of watercraft that can be used in the open waters of rivers, where the shorter racing style would not do well in the open water. The short length and the different hull and beam construction would make them difficult to control in the open part of a river.