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For good reasons, this location served generations of Aboriginal peoples observing their gathering traditions. It is all at once: a midden, a solace, a confluence, and a special 'home' to many others. The ancient vivacity of this location overwhelms all senses.

Hotham Sound



Located at the confluence of trhe Sechelt and Salmon Inlets, this beach offers a sheltered landing - lauching. The sand is practically white - from 1000's of years of feasting and summer celebrating.

Although the beach is backed by a medley of weathered logs and driftwood, camping kayakers can also pitch their tents up on the bluff to the SE of the beach.

Just up the hill from the beach is a flat mossy bluff with amazing views up and down tthe inlets. When the sun heats this plateau - there is arguably no where more 'equisite' to view the east side / "backside" of the Caren Mountain Range; and, the vastness of the intersecting inlets. Add to this a clear summer night with a view of the stars, and this bluff takes on elements of the unexplainably enchanting!

From the comfort of one's tent atop this moss bluff, with all the sights, sounds and breezes, it can seem like you have a spectator's view of the interface ecosystem as the ruggedness of the mountains collides with the powers of the ocean. It is roughly said that moments such as these are beyond words.

The charm and marvel of this location is only 3 hours paddling from our launching point in Porpoise Bay Provincial Park.

Wildlife abounds. For paddlers, there are harbour porpoises, dophins, and sea otters all around.

Simply "enchanting" many say.














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