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Kayak Kyuquot Sound

"Get Pacific" at this remote Vancouver Island kayaking destination. Kyuquot Sound is a paddler's paradise surrounding by mountains blanketed by temperate forests, and abundant with wildlife on land and in the sea. This week-long British Columbia kayak trip is a Canadian kayak adventure in a paddling playground like no other!

Kyuquot Sound

Paddling the Kyuquot Sound

Kyuquot fresh water stream at campsite

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Kyuquot Village
Our trip launches from Fair Harbour

Disappear by kayaking into the sparsely populated northwest sector of Vancouver Island for a few days! The Kyuquot Sound is reachable only by air and water with its isolated location making it one of the lesser paddled kayaking destinations on Vancouver Island. Still, once you are there, you are bound to be overwhelmed by the beauty of this place... and with few boats sharing the water, you are likely to feel as if you have the rainforest, mountains and waterways all to yourself!

The Kyuquot Sound is one of five major sounds situated on the west coast of Vancouver Island. On all sides, Kyuquot is surrounded by the steep mountains rising about 1,500 meters from the water. The mountains give the Kyuquot Sound protection from from the open ocean winds and currents, often making the waters within surprisingly still.

These trips tend to include any number of animal sightings. On past trips we have come across sea otters, sea lions, bald eagles, bears, wolves and whales.... so amateur wildlife photographers better not forget their zoom lens!

Our Kyuquot Sound trips include the option to paddle beyond to the Bunsby Islands and the Brooks Peninsula which are natural gems of Vancouver Island's northwestern coast. Days can be spent exploring the Bunsby Islands and the archaelogical evidence of their ancient native past while the Brooks Peninsula is a fantastic place to spend some time relaxing on a sprawling isolated beach or take a walk deep into absolutely pristine old-growth temperate forests.

There is a Kyuquot Water Taxi service (Voyager Water Taxi link) that enables us to adjust our Kyuquot Sound trip route to accommodate the interests of our guests. We plan our trip according to what you want to see!

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Scheduled 2015 Kyuquot Sound Kayak Trip:

August 22 - August 28, 2015

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The People of Kyuquot Sound:

The Nuu-chah-nulth, commonly known as Nootka, First Nations people have called the Kyuquot Sound their home for many millenia. Within this area, Kyuquot Sound, live the Kyuquot/Checleseht native people. They are the northernmost of 14 Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations.

We at RSKA work closely with some of these inhabitants; who often 'gift' us with salmon and cedar, to help make our stay in their traditional lands and waterways that much more 'hospitable'.

Originally, the Kyuquot and Checleseht were two seperate groups and it was only in the 1960's when they came together as one. Today, they are most commonly referred to as Kyuquot people. For centuries, the Kyuquot population has flourished living off the rich resources of Vancouver Island's land and connected waterways. Like most native populations, the Kyuquot communities declined dramatically with the arrival or Euro-Canadians. About 500 band members survive today with many of them calling the village of Kyuquot, within Kyuquot Sound, their full-time or at least seasonal home.

Especially in the past century, the Kyuquot people struggle with issues haunting the Canadian native population nationwide. The loss of language has threatened the survival of ancient stories, dances and songs and the arrival of multi-national fishing and logging corporations has threatened the resources the Kyuquot have traditionally sustained themselves with. Because of these issues, the Kyuquot population has been depleted severly with many surviving members battling poverty and depression.

Kayaking the Kyuquot Sound, you are likely to feel as if you have the waterway to yourself and in the rare situation that you encounter another vessel, it is likely that of a Kyuquot fisherman.