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Kayak Nelson and Hardy Islands

Welcome to the heart of the Sunshine Coast! Situated at the meeting point of the Malaspina Strait, Jervis Inlet and the Agamemnon Channel, Nelson Island and its smaller neighbor Hardy Island rest at the heart of the Sunshine Coast, directly between its northern and southern peninsulas.


On the water around Nelson Island

At the heart of the Sunshine Coast is Nelson Island and its neighbor, the smaller Hardy Island. These islands are at the intersection of the Malapina Strait, the Agamemnon Channel and Jervis Inlet.... situated directly in between the northern and southern peninsulas of the Sunshine Coast. Despite the rising popularity of Sunshine Coast kayak trips, these islands remain as one of the better kept secrets within the kayaking world. Rising Sun's kayaking guides have been traveling on weekend expeditions to these islands since the early 1990's and our guides know the land and waters here extremely well.

Kayaking to these islands, paddlers are likely to see an abundance of marine and wildlife such as seal colonies, sea lions, river otters, bald eagles and if you kayak here during the right season, you may even catch a glimpse of migrating whales. Within the islands, we explore beaches, the marine life and plant life within inter-tidal pools and several sandstone cliff faces. On land, there are aboriginal rock paintings, long-abandoned logging camps, and shipwrecks washed ashore. As isolated a location as these islands and the Sunshine Coast seem.... the artifacts on these islands tell a story of hundreds of years of differing civilizations on the Sunshine Coast.

Nelson Island Trip Departs from Egmont:

Like many of our Sunshine Coast kayaking trips, this trip departs from Egmont's Backeddy Marina Resort. Egmont is located at the northern tip of the Sunshine Coast's southern peninsula and is hard to miss as it is literally, the end of the road. To get here from Vancouver and the lower mainland you must take the Sunshine Coast Langdale Ferry from the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. Once on the Sunshine Coast, drive north until you reach Egmont. Signs are well-marked and you cannot miss the Backeddy Pub and Marina, which is our launchsite.


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