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Salmon Inlet, Sunshine Coast

Salmon Inlet is one of British Columbia's many fjords, hidden away behind the Sechelt Peninsula, protected by the beckoning waters of Georgia Strait.

Salmon Inlet, British Columbia, Canada


Salmon Inlet
Sunshine Coast multi-day trip campsite
By the fire on a Sunshine Coast multi-day trip
Brave Paddlers take on Skookumchuck Rapids

About Salmon Inlet

Finding information about Salmon Inlet is somewhat of a challenge. Not the most popular of destinations, there are still kayaking opportunities and camping spots to explore and enjoy.

Salmon Inlet is one of two arms of Sechelt Inlet. You can start your kayaking trip from Sechelt and make the journey to Salmon Inlet. Narrows Inlet - a little farther north - is the second arm and named for it's 25 meter wide corrider with imposing 1000meter high cliffs lining the north side. Quite a site to see.

Camping in Salmon Inlet is sparce but there are plenty of spots to get your kayak in to. Halfway Marine Park is one of the finest campgrounds around with an excellent water supply. Wildlife abound and while resting on the shore you might catch a glimpse of Bald Eagles and Osprey hunting for Salmon.

Salmon Inlet's landscape has been scarred by the footprint of logging and hydro electric projects. Massive power lines, dams and clearcuts spoil the entire length of Salmon Inlet. Slow moving waters heated by the sun in the summer months make Salmon Inlet a breeding ground for Red Tides which can be toxic if you consume shellfish. Something to always look out for with your catch of the day shellfish dish.


Day and Multi-Day Kayak Trips from the Sunshine Coast

Rising Sun Kayak Adventures offers kayak rentals or guided kayak tours to those looking to explore the Strait of Georgia, Howe Sound or other areas of the Sunshine Coast by kayak. We specialize in custom designed kayak trips that cater to our clients and are willing to bring our boats to the launch site of your convenience. We also offer custom multi-day kayaking explorations of the Sunshine Coast that explore locations such as Howe Sound, Keats Island and Gambier Island. Most multi-day trips, including our scheduled annual paddle to Princess Louisa Inlet, will depart from the Backeddy Pub and Egmont Marina Resort in Egmont. Rising Sun also offers guided day trips and rentals from this Egmont location. Link for more information on day and multi-day trips from this location.

Scheduled 2011 Sunshine Coast Kayak Trips:

Princess Louisa Inlet - August 4 - August 10, 2011 - Paddle to the Princess!

Hotham Sound - 3 Day Trips Every Weekend!

Texada Island/Jedidiah Island - Custom Trips Available April - September!

Nelson Island/Hardy Island - Custom Overnight Trips Available April - September!


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Traveling to Salmon Inlet

From Vancouver, jump on the Langdale(Sunshine Coast) ferry that regularly departs from the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal and drive up the Sunshine Coast Hwy to Sechelt. The kayak journey starts from here as you paddle through Sechelt Inlet to Salmon Inlet. From Egmont If coming from Vancouver Island, you take the ferry from Little River near Comox to Powell River. The Powell River route involves another BC Ferry trip at Saltery Bay to Earl's Cove near Egmont, then travelling south on Hwy 101 to Sechelt - about an 1h 30min drive.

You could potentially start your kayaking trip from Egmont and paddle south into Sechelt Inlet. Be sure to go at slack tide to avoid the ominous waters of Skookumchuck rapids - where, on a 3 meter tide change - 200 billion liters of water pass through this narrow pass connecting Jervis Inlet and Sechelt Inlet.