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Rising Sun Kayaks Sitemap Of Pages

We have designed this sitemap for you to easily navigate our site and find all the information you might need before booking. If you have other questions you can always phone us and we will do our best to answer it.

Site Map For Rising Sun Kayaks

Main Site Pages
-Multi Day Trips
-Day Trips
-Group Trips
-Testimonials / Reviews
-FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions
-Equipment We Use
-Information About Kayaking
-How To Get Here / Maps
-Food & Preparation
-Partner Companies
-Newsletter / Kayak News
-Hotels & Accommodation

General Kayaking Information
 -History of Kayaking
 -General Information
 -Kayaking as a Sport
 -Where and When is best to Kayak
 -What Makes Kayaks Different From Canoes
 -Kayaks and the Water
 -Whitewater and River Kayaking
 -Deep Sea and Ocean Kayking
 -Kayak Differences
 -Taking An Animal Or Dog
 -Recreational Equipment
 -Professional Kayaking

How To Kayak
 -Excercise and Kayaking
 -Paddling Strokes Beginner to Advanced
1. Beginner
2. Intermediate
3. Advanced
 -Training for Advanced Kayaking
 -Kayak Classes and Lessons

Accessories, Gear & Safety
Kayak Gear
 -Kayak Essential Equipment
 -Spray Kits
 -Helmets For Kayaking
 -Kayaking Optional Equipment
 -Floatation Safety Devices (PDF's) & Life Jackets

Photos, Images & Pictures
Johnstone Strait
-Princess Louisa Inlet

-Texada/Jedediah Islands


Structure & Designs Of Kayaks
 -Original Kayak Designs
 -Changes in Kayak Designs
 -Equipment Needed When Kayaking
 -Different Styles of Kayaks
 -Rocker Styles
 -The Hull, What It Is and What It Does
 -Length and Size
 -Beams of Kayaks
 -All About Kayaking Accessories

Types Of Kayaks
 -Whitewater Kayaks
 -Surf Kayaks
 -Tour Kayaks
 -Light Touring Kayaks
 -General Recreation Kayaks
 -Sit on tops
 -Cockpit style
 -Wavewalking kayaks
 -Special Kayaks For Special Uses

Miscellaneous Information
 -Ways to Transport and Store a Kayak
 -The Origins of Paddling Clubs
 -Kayak Vacations
 -Professional Kayak Events
 -Rule’s of Kayaking
 -Kayaking Safety
 -Whitewater Classes
 -Glossary & Definitions


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