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In Memory of Terry Tobin

Long one of Rising Sun's most knowledgeable guides......


In Memory of Terry Tobin





Terry died suddenly, on March 24th 2008. He left us far too early. Just mere weeks before his passing a few of us were discussing some of our upcoming summer kayak trips for 2008 with him.

Terry was a true "Deep Cove-r" - having been raised in the Deep Cove - Dollarton area since the 1930's, Terry could tell stories about the days there was horses and stables in Deep Cove. He was truly a local boy and took great pride in sharing and showing it.

These were his humble 'outdoorsman' roots. Through his story-telling people realized how much Terry loved the land and the forests -the environment. No doubt, that explains why he taught High School Sciences for over 30 years with such zest and creativity for the North Vancouver School District (NVSD # 44).

Doing what he does best, Terry could literally captivate campfire audiences with animated stories about the wilderness, geology and / or the biology of the oceans. He was fond of telling stories about his younger working days in BC's remote forestry camps. Yes, he was a logger for a time in his 20's. Most days, in his 60's, he still dressed like he worked in the the bush. Nothing fancy or new, just blue workman shirts, his big glasses, that trademark Tobin smile.

Thanks Terry for all that you taught us.

Terry has passed the torch. He exemplefied the 'standard' for us. We will carry forward Terry's enthusiasm and knowledge.



Terry teaching on the water Terry in Princess Louisa Inlet Terry and Genevieve on the water
Terry packing his boat


"This is what a forest is... this is our cultural heritage.

As Canadians we don't have great cathedrals or stained glass windows like the Europeans.

We don't have a long history of writings, of poetry, or folk songs.

What we have is a very recent history and it is based in the wilderness ... and in our Aboriginal people's uses of the forest ...and in our understandings of how mother nature works ...

We need to keep this culture strong for without it we are a people without a basis."

- on Rainforests & the Clayoquot Sound

Terry teaching around the campfire
In Princess Louisa Inlet Terry teaching outside In Princess Louisa Inlet