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Kayak the Sunshine Coast

Texada and Jedediah Islands, just off of British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, are a great 4-day escape where you will explore typical Sunshine Coast beauty, wildlife and the artifacts left by the islands' past residents; which included First Nations people and mining industry workers.

Paddling to Texada and Jedediah Islands


Camping on Texada/Jedediah Trip

Kayaking to Texada and Jedediah Islands:

Throughout the year, we lead kayak trips that depart from Egmont and head out into the Georgia Strait where we explore two Sunshine Coast gems, Texada and Jedediah Islands. This trip is a fantastic four day kayaking escape from Vancouver that allows you to take in the renowned beauty of the Sunshine Coast. Texada and Jedediah Islands are known for their rugged appearance and there is much to explore on this four day trip, including the famous Lasquetti Island.

Abandoned mining shafts, work camps and dwellings can be found on Texada Island while wild goats and retired horses on Jedediah Island. These places are fun relics to explore from the regions' past. The archaeologist in you will enjoy imagining what these places were like when they were functional. There are also several beaches to explore with old-growth forest and numerous wild animals living on land. This is the perfect way to spend your next long weekend!

Trip departs from Egmont Backeddy Resort:

Since this trip is extraordinarily destinaton oriented, our Texada/Jedediah kayak trips launch out of Egmont's Backeddy Marina Resort by water taxi. The crossing to Texada Island is completely weather dependent - as there can be good winds and tide blowing down the Malaspina Strait. The water taxi on day 1 makes the itinerary so sensible, if not decadent.

Egmont is located at the northern tip of the Sunshine Coast's southern half and to get here from Vancouver's lower mainland, you take the Langdale Ferry and drive north along the Sunshine Coast's shore until you are in Egmont, it's literally at the end of the road. On our way out of Egmont, we kayak through the Agamemnon Channel along Nelson Island and eventually paddle across the Malaspina Strait to reach Texada Island.

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