We Choose Only The Most Scenic Areas Of Vancouver Island & The Sunshine Coast To Go Kayaking. Here Are A Few

Best Areas To Kayak In British Columbia

When you come with us you can be certain that we have chosen one of the best areas in the world to Kayak in. Our trips range from seeing whales in Johnstone Strait to the craggy cliffs of the west coast of Vancouver Island. All our guides know where the best spots are to access, to camp, to sight see and to take pictures of.


Walking in Clayoquot Sound



Rising Sun's British Columbia Kayaking Destinations


Hanging out by the fire

"What a blast! Thanks for making us laugh, feeding us and introducing us to our new favorite place! No matter where we celebrate the solstice in years to come... it won't possibly be as good as it was in the Clayoquot Sound!"

Ann and Dave Simons, Portland, Oregon

Rising Sun has been guiding our clients into Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast waterways for over a decade. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, British Columbia is home to some of the world's best kayaking. The sheltered beaches, offshore islands and protected ocean inlets we explore are representative of untouched wilderness. Pristine temperate rainforests blanket the mountains that surround B.C.’s waterways.  These old-growth forests, with their ancient cedar, hemlock and fir trees, are among the last surviving temperate rainforests on the planet. At Rising Sun, our day and multi-day trips offer a cost-effective vehicle for in-depth exploration of Canada’s west coast wilderness.

At Rising Sun, we offer a fun, entertaining escape into nature.  You will learn about British Columbia’s waterways and marine life, landscape and wildlife, while enjoying a lively camping experience with entertaining guides on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  Check out the list below to see our destinations! 



Costs for all Rising Sun trips include:


1. Johnstone Strait (5 Days - Departs from Telegraph Cove, BC)

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Inches from whales in Johnstone Strait


If you're goal is to see killer whales swimming within feet of your kayak, book this trip. The Johnstone Strait is probably the most dependable spot on the planet for spotting killer whales, commonly known as orcas. These magnificent mammals feast on the area's abundance of salmon and swim near the shoreling at the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve, where they enjoy "rubbing" themselves on rocks and barnacles.

Rising Sun's guides have been paddling into Johnstone Strait for 15 years running and we still get goosebumps when we spot the dorsal fin of an orca rise from the water. These whales will sometimes even swim right next to our kayaks, spraying us when they breathe.

The Johnstone Strait trip also includes explorations of ancient and abandoned Kwakiutl First Nations villages and the islands of the Broughton Archipelago. Read more about the Johnstone Strait!

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2. Kyuquot Sound, Bunsby Islands, Brooks Peninsula (Meets in Campbell River, BC - Departs from Fair Harbour)

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A beach in the Bunsby Islands


Aside from the Kyuquot First Nations people who have been here for centuries, an extremely limited number of people have walked the beaches that surround Kyuquot Sound, Bunsby Islands and the Brooks Peninsula. This area, tucked in the northwest quarter of Vancouver Island, is a sparsely populated escape into sublime British Columbia waterscape.

Explore relics of the Nuu-chah-nulth's ancient area precense, view animals of the sea, land and sky, and stay on some of Vancouver Island's most unique, rarely explored beaches.

This trip paddles out of Kyuquot Sound into the Bunsby Islands and Brooks Peninsula.

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3. Nootka Sound


Nootka beach

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Escape into the confines of Nootka Sound, a paddler's paradise on the central western coast of Vancouver Island. Nootka Sound's inlets and protected from the open ocean by offshore islands, sprawling sandy beaches and mountains blanketed by British Columbia's unique old-growth forests. Spotting wildlife is a guarantee in this area that is abundant with sea otters, seals, bald eagles, black bears and occasionally, humpback and killer whales.

For several millenia, the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations people have lived here, and the archaelogical evidence of their ancient precense is realized on our trips to Nootka. The aboriginals have long sustained themselves on the area's rich resources such as the salmon swimming the water and the plants and wildlife of the rainforest. Read more Nootka Sound and its history!

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4. Clayoquot Sound (Departs from Government Dock in Tofino, BC)


Clayoquot Solstice '07

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The Clayoquot Sound feels like a home away from home to many of our guides who paddle through here multiple times per year and are repeatedly struck by the area's unparalleled beauty. Several islands, fjords and sheltered ocean inlets join together to make the Clayoquot Sound which is often also referred to as "Hawaii of the North" and the "Eighth Wonder of the World."

The ecosystem here is fiercely protected by community members and environmental activists and kayaking here, you will understand why. Clayoquot houses what is possibly the largest intact chunk of coastal temperate rainforest on North America's western coast. Walking through these forests, Western hemlocks, red cedars and douglas firs reach far above our heads into the sky.

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5. The Broken Islands

Walk in the rainforest

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Over 100 islands are scattered throughout the calm waters of Vancouver Island's Barkley Sound, from overhead they appear similar to the scattered pieces of a puzzle, hence, the Broken Islands. The Broken Islands are one of the three primary recreation areas of Pacific Rim National Park and are quickly becoming a world-renowned kayaking destination.

Here we paddle from one unique island to the next, camping on our own island every evening. These tiny islands, none larger than 2 kilometers in diameter, host impressive beaches and make for a relaxing escape on any warm summer week.

This Broken Islands also serve as an excellent base camp for explorations of the temperate rainforest that surrounds in Pacific Rim National Park. You will walk over a nundred feet underneath the canopy of the area's ancient trees.

Between the ocean and the land, you are likely to spot plenty of area wildlife. Marine life on Vancouver Island's west coast is healthy and abundant. Sea otters, seals, salmon, halibut and even whales are at home in these waters so keep your eyes peeled! Read more about this place and its people!

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6. Princess Louisa Inlet (7 Days - Departs from Egmont)


Waterfalls cascade down the cliffs at Princess Louisa Inlet

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Just how do we describe paddling into Princess Louisa Inlet? Well first, your eye is caught by a long white scar rising about 2,000 feet on on sheer cliff face. It slashes across and disappears into the dark-green at the top. Then again, you will see another splash of white and now that you have paddled closer, you can see that it has movement. It cascades down, as steep rapids, disappearing behind rocks and reappearing closer to the water and then finally, in one magnificent leap, it plunges off the cliff and into the tranquil inlet water, a hundred feet below. As your kayak draws you closer to the falls, a mist comes out to greet you and finally you reach a beach, adjacent to what is commonly known as Chatterbox Falls.

It is here, at this beach, next to the storied Chatterbox Falls in Princess Louisa Inlet, that we camp for two days of our Princess Louisa trip exploring the cliffs, waterfalls, marine life and frolicing around the inlet in our kayaks. Read more!

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7. Hotham Sound (3 Days - Departs from Egmont)

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Hotham launch

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Paddling into Hotham Sound you are greeted by a very impressive gatekeeper, a 1,400 foot waterfall called Harmony Falls and commonly referred to as Freil Falls. It is quite the welcome and we guarantee, your trip will only get better.

Within the hauntingly still waters of Hotham Sound are the delightful Harmony Islands where we snorkel in unseasonally warm waters and poke around on oyster filled beaches all with a backdrop of snow-capped peaks!

This is a quick weekend getaway from metro Vancouver and the wilderness here is representative of some of our further off destinations on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Read more!

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8. Nelson Island (Departs from Egmont or Sechelt year round)

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Nelson Island

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Nelson Island rests at the heart of British Columbia's spectacular Sunshine Coast. Here, at the meeting spot of Jervis Inlet, Malaspina Strait and the Agamemnon Channel is the unique Nelson Island and its tiny neighbor, Hardy Island. Nelson Island is marked by abandoned euro-Canadian dwellings and ancient native artifacts that to a degree, tell a story of Sunshine Coast past.

Nelson and Hardy Island hosts an array of wildlife, within the waters and on land. Seal Colonies, sea lions, river otters, eagles and orcas are known to stop here at varying points of the year. On land, this trip includes explorations of beaches, cliffs and tidal pools. Trips to Nelson Island are a quick escape from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and overnight trips are available year round. No matter what season, this is an essential stopping point for Sunshine Coast adventures.

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9. Egmont - fr famous Backeddy Marina Resort (Custom trips available throughout the year)

Overview of Egmont marina

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When Rising Sun first opened its operations, over a decade ago, Egmont was our primary launch site and today, it remains one of our favorite launch sites for day and multi-day explorations of the Sunshine Coast. From here we have access to some of British Columbia's most beautiful places such as Princess Louisa Inlet, Hotham Sound and Nelson Island. Egmont is a great place to spend a day exploring the Sunshine Coast by kayak and custom trips from Egmont are available throughout the year.

Contact Rising Sun for additional information on our trips out of Egmont

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10. Texada/Jedediah Islands (4 Day Trip - Sunshine Coast departure)

Texada campsite

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Situated in the Georgia Strait between Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast is a unique and quick escape from the British Columbia Lower Mainland! On this trip we take in natural wonders and the rugged B.C. beauty of Jedediah Island, exploring beaches, forests and wildlife. We then explore some man-made wonders, taking in long abandoned mining shafts and work camps on Texada Island. These islands are one of our favorite, shorter, multi-day trips. Hikers, paddlers and amateur archaeologists will delight in what there is to find on these islands.


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11. Day Trips (Departs from North Vancouver, Kitsilano or the Sunshine Coast)

Deep Cove, Cate's Park Launch

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Rising Sun's Day trips are an affordable, quick and great avenue for explorations of British Columbia's wilderness. Cheap kayaking prices meet luxury experience on our trips where we explore areas throughout the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast in custom designed kayaks. Day trips can be arranged any month of the year and can depart from any waterfront on the Sunshine Coast or Lower Mainland. We frequently paddle through False Creek, the English Bay, Indian Arm and Horseshoe Bay, just to name a few.

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